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James jones was a body out there. WHY NOT KEEP YOUR 2ND BEST SCORER ON THE FLOOR?
what a win, SAVED SPOS BUT
well, maybe haslem just bailed spo out
well, at least haslem stepped up
well, maybe if riley does talk lebron into playing here, part of the deal is riley takes over and goes for phils records.
Honestly, has our SF touched the ball since beas came out? so why not play him spo
josh it doesnt make sense why he takes him out. we have no other scoring option really. I mean its mind blowing. He can get hot at anytime or nail an open tray, doesnt make sense
our SF doesnt touch the ball down the stretch anyway so why not play beas?
why not just play beas and haslem down the stretch?? its not like we get much from the 3 spot anyway?
dwade 2 the rescue
dont we need our best team on the floor?
i agree witcha somedork- anthony on O looks like an out of control animal
carlos made up for that bad pass----------- theres always next July fellas!!
didnt we just draft that thornton guy and trade him this summer?
anyone think ira stresses too easy? when we got beat the night beasley had o boards, instead of asking about the bad offense, Iras 1st question was about beas getting no boards. ITs 12 games into the season ira, relax my friend. I tivod the game the other night and I was watching the post game comments, and there was Ira whacking beas. he did get 9 and 12 the next 2 though
No, that doesnt count
Siledge, we are due to win
Theres always next summer right?
Hey fellas, anyone notice beasley is a diff player, an animal, when haslem is out. Rememeber that 6 game stretch before the playoffs when UD was out? beasley getting 20 and 10's every nite?? Well, 2 games in a row knowing he wasnt getting the hook, 20 and 10 avg's again. Coincidence?
but king can decide to stay there,. But, with Orlando young, and lebron knowing wade is getting 2 studs added to miami if he doesnt go there, that might be what makes his decision up. Pat Riley has known something for 3 yrs now. I think its a done deal behind the scenes. We are going to be the Lakers of the 80;'s and the bulls of the 90's
Leo, was that a good call or what? What I looked at was once cleveland went all in on varejo, even with shaq coming off the books, they are capped out. 2nd, look at his roster, i know they beat us the other night, but he is that good. does anyone really scare you? at least kobe has odom, gasol, and others. that team is a lotto team w.o lebron. 3rd, nets suck and knicks suck, really the only 2 other teams he might go to based on cap. I said to myself, would lebron want to start all over again? no he doesnt. So that leaves wade, lebron, beasley, 1 more free agent, and a young team in a great city. it makes all the sense if they want rings
Brandon jennings was considered a bust in europe last yr. He only avg in the teen minutes, and didnt start, and was a boy against men. Maybe he had a great offseason and was ticked he got passed up in the top 10, and then had to come back later to shake sterns hand. So, let him do it more than a whole year. We have had rafer alston look like the 2nd coming, Ike austin, heck even the late alec kessler. However, let him sustain it
here here siledge
well said Papi