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Oh. Just read your FAQ on Trek. I wasn't aware that your break away from the series had been acrimonious. I'm sorry to hear it went down the way it did. Still, you of all people must know what motivates the suits at Paramount: Cash. Maybe they'll take a risk in a couple of years with a new crew. But Star Trek fans love continuity. That fact can't elude the bean-counters at the studio. A "Captain Crusher" would be familiar, even expected on some level, and would give a new series a better chance of success out of the gate. If you have any reliable contacts left there, I hope you'll seriously consider reaching out to them. Your appearances on Big Bang must be drawing some notice.
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Complete non-sequitir, but while watching your appearance on Big Bang, someone watching with me noted that we're due for a new Star Trek series. I think it's time you go to Paramount with a pitch for The Next, Next Generation. The time is ripe. Hopefully, Paramount has learned their lesson from DS9, Voyager, and "Enterprise". All three of those series thoroughly sucked ass and were a lame attempt on Paramount's part to keep milking the franchise. They weren't grounded in anything sociologically substantial. Phasers, transporters, shields, and holodecks... yeah, yeah, yeah, all very well and groovy, but show me something new or I'm off to play Grand Theft Auto. The Original Series and Next Generation worked in large part because of the times they were launched. The Original Series reflected '60's culture in many ways. The Next Generation was as much about our post-Cold War world as it was about the 24th century. There is a lot of contemporary stuff you could tap for a Next, Next Generation. You could easily come up 25th century themes in the Star Trek universe that would reflect the problems we face now with the banking and real estate collapses we've endured recently along with the current conflict in ideology between the Western world and fundamental Islam. Looking at the gap between the Original Series and Next Generation, the ideal time to launch the Next, Next Generation should be around 2012. Start laying the groundwork now. Given the times, I'd suggest bringing back Crusher as a somewhat darker figure, certainly not from the Kirk/Picard mold, who kept getting lured back to Star Fleet only to have Star Fleet perpetually falling short on their promises to him. (Now THAT would be contemporarily relevant.) Put Crusher in charge of the Enterprise M, or whatever model they decide they're building, but where "M" is the equivalent of today's Prius... with constant recalls and sudden, unexpected acceleration. And be certain that you get at least some creative control. The NG producers were smart to have some of the Original Series characters appear. Nimoy, Kelly, and Doohan were awesome when they came back to the franchise. It'd be cool if you could get Dorn, Burton, Sirtis, and McFadden to come back for spots. But don't let Frakes or Stewart anywhere near the set. You don't want those two dweebs upstaging you.
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Mar 16, 2010