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There is more: Herman Cain and Ron Paul were at least interesting to listen to last night. If you like to hear solutions which are not practical or remotely possible of working in the near future. Have a plan for the issues today or get off stage. That goes for all of them. What is Bachman but a yes or no puppet waiting for a VP spot? The Do Nothing / Know Nothing Republicans AKA Crazy Glue Michel Bachman is out of touch with reality and stuck in the mud without a paddle. These plans of the panel are half baked, F grade failuring material. Awful substance. I may read Mitts book. He seemed cordial. Newt is in the La La Land of the 1980s and is just showing up for the donuts. Repugnants were out for blood. As the others have said real cheap audience members. They should have an IQ test for anyone before giving a right to vote. If you are so retarded that you think anarchy is the only policy than you are for the Koch Brothers Tea Party. If you have a brain you need not apply to them since you are not controllable. You are not a puppet or a Manchurian Candidate just doing Koch Brother business. Governor Medicare Fraud King Rick Scott is such a felon. Is their a count yet to how much bribe money our incompetent Governor has racked in behind closed doors?
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When did Rick Perry get the lobotomy?
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GOP VS GOP barbs included: Huntsman: I wish Mitt Romney and Rick Perry would bludgeon themselves to death. Mitt Romney looking snidely at Rick Perry: At least I didn't inhale. At the end the GOP contenders would not think of having Perry or Romney as Vice Presidential candidates. I frankly wouldn't want coked out Rick Perry as my bus driver or my Burger King cook.
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Sep 23, 2011