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According to CaseNet, he was on 2 year probation for unlawful use of a weapon dating back to November 2008 (sentenced in March 2009), so he was 17 then. Didn't take him long to get into trouble again....
Nope, Patman. Just seems like a lot of your friends have been in dangerous situations lately. Hope you're OK ...
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on 3 dead at St. Louis workplace at Crime Scene KC
Ummm, Patman. I hope you don't take this personally, but I hope you DON'T think of me as a friend ... Hope your friend is OK...
Toggle Commented Jan 7, 2010 on 3 dead at St. Louis workplace at Crime Scene KC
Actually, the NBA contract with the players specifies that guns are not allowed in the locker room or at personal appearances on behalf of the teams, even if the player has a CCW. He KNOWINGLY violated the terms of his employment contract.
Sitting at home, drinking a raspberry martini, watching it snow outside. I refuse to leave the house again until it reaches freezing outside...
Toggle Commented Jan 6, 2010 on Open Thread ... Wednesday at Crime Scene KC
Lol, Tom.
Actually, the hospital administrator already said in a news conference that the car was parked in an area designated for "long-term" parking for visitors to the hospital. She said that you will find several cars in that area that aren't moved for days or weeks at a time because visitors are staying with extremely ill loved ones in the hospital. Makes me wonder if the person who parked the car there knew that and has a connection with the hospital.
Happy New Year, everyone. Goodbye, 2009. I will miss thee NOT.
I'm curious. Does anyone know how much radiation these things put out? Especially compared to regular scanners?
I'm not sure how much difference it's going to make, though. He's on leave from his job (don't remember if it's paid or unpaid but if he's been paying bills with that money, I doubt he has $10k just laying around). His mom is unemployed and I'm not sure he has enough "friends" to come up with the cash.
In a tree? Wow, Golfer, you've got better balance than I do! Sorry, Golfer, hope these little pervs don't make too much of it. I was just thankful it was you and not someone like, oh, Aqua, for instance ....
Actually, my alarm went off the the dream just popped like a bubble, and I couldn't really remember anything except you were brunette, your daughter was blond, and you were a very nice guy. I have the feeling you were playing Good Samaritan or something, but why you is totally unknown. I guess my mind wandered from helicopters to Shon Pernice to CSKC and came up with you!
Golfer - we have never met and our only connection, as far as I know, is that you're one of a cast of many from CSKC. So, after I (FINALLY) fell back to sleep after being buzzed by the helicopters this morning - who shows up in my dream but "Golfer" and his daughter. Somehow, I just KNEW they were you and your daughter but couldn't tell you why for the life of me.... Very, very weird.
Yeah, I LOVED waking up to the sound of helicopters buzzing around my backyeard in the wee hours of the morning (for over an hour no less). However, this time it was for a good cause. I'm glad no one was seriously hurt. (Usually when I have cop helicopters buzzing around my house, it has something to do with Shon Pernice. Honestly, the first thing I thought when I woke up is "Shon's still in jail - what could he have possibly done this time?) :)
So, apparently we DO need a federal anti-texting law ....
Actually, the judge declared a mistrial this morning. "Ranville admitted his error in signing the pages, but denied any knowledge of forged signatures and his attorney argued that unless he knew a signature was false, he is not guilty." The Jackson County prosecutor’s office now must decide whether to retry the case.
Since it wasn't the insurance company inquiring about the medical condition, I think there was probably a violation of HIPAA policies involved.
Most companies that cater to the public have a similar policy. The theory is to "not escalate" a potentially life-threatening situation. However, my manager at CVS has been put on notice -- I will cooperate to the point where I think my well-being is being threatened anyway. At that point, all bets are off and I'm going out fighting. I'd rather lose my job than my life.
He's been found having cookies and milk at some lady's house near Smithville.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2009 on Where is Travis Covey? at Crime Scene KC
I agree - lousy lawyer. According to CaseNet, he's been appearing pro se. LOL
Actually, it was my understanding the child endangerment charges were a result of the confrontation with the neighbors and the 911 call. "Child endangerment" includes Knowingly acting in a manner that creates a substantial risk to a child or minor's physical, mental or emotional health or safety.
I was flabbergasted at the numerous responses to the article that the child HAD THE RIGHT to know its mother, like that somehow trumped the mother's right to privacy. Obviously, there is no common sense anymore ....
Actually, James, the article says he sat the driver on the sidewalk, not that he sat ON him. : )
Technically, minors can't be sued - her parents/legal guardians would have to be sued on her behalf.