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Don Sayers
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Unfortunately the National History Museum in London has already been spoilt. The dinosaur exhibition is now in a dark room with spotlights on the dinosaurs, and you have to follow a set path rather than meander as your whimsy takes you. Should you happen to lose your child you will never find them again, because the room is in darkness. The Victorian architecture of the room is also lost in the gloom. What is wrong with putting the exhibits in a well lit room and letting people look at them as they want? If you are in the UK and you want to see a perfect child friendly, adult friendly, Natural History Museum, Go to Oxford: Glorious Victorian architecture, well lit with all the Dinosaurs you could ever want. There's enough "awe and wonder" and hands on stuff, to keep a kid entranced, with intelligent in depth descriptions of the exhibits for the adults. All for free, what more could you want?
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May 20, 2012