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I feel that these challenges will keep on popping up as long as the question is technology-centric. The question sounds like "Which technology should I be a slave of?" rather than "Which technology should I master?" The focus probably needs to be on building a track record of successful delivery and the ability to pick up whatever is needed to deliver successfully. I do understand that many employers look for expertise in specific skills. However, I have also seen employers choosing a well-rounded candidate over a candidate with very specific skills but lacking general abilities beyond those skills. For example, having Documentum WDK experience but not having a clue about Documentum architecture or not having good analysis/design skills. The candidate needs to present himself/herself as the product rather than a specific skill as the product. At the same time one needs to prepare the specific skills and offer to be tested on those skills in the interview process. Yes, some employers might skip over your resume but that is not in your control anyway. A point-of-view on a topic like this could fill pages so I would try to summarize my perspective. Strengthen the core technical skills (analysis, design, etc.), build good employee skills (team player, communication, etc.), keep an eye open in the space beyond the technology (e.g. content management in addition to Documentum), and create a track record of successful delivery and of picking up new skills. is now following The Typepad Team
Nov 24, 2010