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Most of the stories I can think of are more along the lines of "stupid player tricks" than Rules Lawyer stories. Here are a few items that are more on-topic: The first time I DMed a game, I decided to make it Paranoia, because if anyone tried to be a rules lawyer, the other players would shoot them for treason. My husband and I were playing a second edition D&D game (on a MUD, in a wizard's workroom with a dieroller coded, so that his buddies in other states could game). The bad guy cast chain lightning with my husband's mage as the primary target. Chain lightning in that edition, did x dice of damage to the primary target; then it jumped to the nearest person and did (x-1) dice of damage, and kept going till it ran out. My husband's character survived the strike and then it was his turn. "I dim-door right behind the bad guy!" When the chain lightning jumped to the bad guy, it killed him.
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Jun 28, 2010