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Mohammed's pink swastika
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IDK if vets' know about it, but ive found that if you post to every single post. it eventualy throws off the whole thread. Some of those posters are sure that I am an evil Mussad agent. Tell em Mobamad sent you they will know. :D
Rape this website, Neo-Nazis' and Jihadists' snuggling under the sheets of anti-semitism. Pull off the blankets, expose them, and let them freeze their asses. The posters think that they are very clever with their "Israel was behind 9-11", and the "Jewish people are Alien invaders from the planet-X, Nebru"... Yeah, that's it... Nebru. (reality check) must be destroyed. I have all ready been suspended for destroying threads, but you haven't... Mobamad.
Check this out! What to do with a koran witten in Saddam's blood? Sounds like a biological nightmare to me. I think we better burn it. :-D Mobamad
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Dec 4, 2010