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"Dude, Manning is a kook. Judging by his stance w.r.t. Harlem, he is some sort of Commie himself." Bullshit!! Anybody who starts out their response with "dude" doesn't have a clue about Dr. Manning.
Pamela, I have a couple of questions for you. 1. Are you paying any attention to Dr. James David Manning and the trial that is about to happen in New York in two weeks???? If not I would like to know WHY NOT??? 2. At what point are you willing to accept that the gates of hell are swinging closed on us at such a rate that voting and holding signs in the street will no longer stop them?????? This is what's happening!!!!! Obama cannot be stopped!! The ballot box is no longer valid. The jury box is rigged. Our only choice left is to kick the lid off of the cartridge box!!!! Look at what happened in Arizona when 18 Republicans voted against forcing Obama to produce a valid long form birth certificate before he can be on the 2012 ballot. WHY IS EVERYONE AFRAID OR JUST TOO DAMN WILLING TO GO ALONG WITH OBAMA??????????? Our Forefathers were willing to lay down their lives to free us from the hand of King George. They drew that line in the sand. Why in the hell can't we do the same???? Am I the only person who responds on this site who is willing to cut through the fog and say it like it is????? Doug, Newark, Ohio
Just where did these SWAT teams come from??? What agency?? We are not told the truth as usual. Was this platform blown up by our enemies from foreign sources or from the enemies within??? Wait a minute, they're the same thing. Sorry.
Why would Obozo surrender any documents to anyone for any reason?? He won't let go of his school records, birth certificate etc. He is above the law. Why was Michelle forced to surrender her law license in 1993? Why did Obozo lose his law license in 2008??? You see, there are a whole bunch of documents that this fraud should be turning over.
This maggot that calls himself President has got to be impeached!!! Where in the hell are the Republicans????? I hear ZERO voices from the conservative ranks speaking out against this mooselimb monster. Absolutely nobody has the balls to challenge this maggot face to face over the destruction of America. Why is that?? Nothing is going to stop Obozo until we are at civil war.
The most important passage of this story was that the people willingly gave up their arms!!!! As soon as all means of resistance was eliminated then the butchery began. How many times must we read this same story in history before we get this message through our thick heads. To those who want to disarm this is history's lesson. Wake up America!!!! To those who will say that this could NEVER happen here, open your eyes and see the reality!! I for one will NEVER surrender my arms to anyone for any reason. Remember, April 19, 1775 was the start of the American Revolutionary War. The British came to DISARM the citizens and thankfully our Founders knew history and refused to surrender. On that morning in April real men with real spines understood that freedom and liberty are not free. They sacrificed their lives and fortunes to secure their future. Today we want to believe only in unicorns and butterflies. We refuse to see evil for what it is. We refuse the truth. Sadly, we've turned our backs on God.
Toggle Commented Apr 16, 2010 on Scenes from Jihad: Bulgaria 1876 at Atlas Shrugs
My understanding has been that these leases are not to be open for American Companies. These leases are only being made available to Russia.
Pamela, I believe that the raids that occured yesterday on the Christian militia will become more frequent and encompass a greater swath of middle America. As more folks resist this blatant communist takeover we will be demonized by any and all means necessary. Americans will be imprisoned at an alarming rate. NOBODY wants to make war against government. We do want to retain of liberties and freedoms. There inlies the problem. Government expects unquestioning devotion regardless of the intolerant acts that are placed upon us. Eventually the laws of tyrants are void of any meaning. Will either must rise up and conquer the club and jackboot or forever live under that threat.
I'm awaiting the Call to Arms.
Toggle Commented Mar 22, 2010 on America's Day of Wreckoning at Atlas Shrugs
Those Americans who stand on the side of the Constitution still have one vote left. For all of those who have said that now is not the time to exercise our 2nd Amendment rights, whatcha think now??? Do you think that the parasites in society and government really care what you and I think??? Do you think that threatening to vote them out has any meaning to these monsters anymore??? What part of "it could never happen here" still occupies your fantasies????? Freedom and liberty are now forever gone. Freedom and liberty will not return unless Americans can get over pissing down their legs like frightened chickenshits and pick up a rifle and fight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please don't tell me that now is not the right time for this action!!! Carrying a sign intimidates NO ONE!!!!! Chanting slogans intimidates NO ONE!!!! One more rally intimidates NO ONE!!!!!!!! Phone calls, faxes and e-mails intimidate NO ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, a quarter million Americans armed to the teeth and descending on Washington would be an amazingly enlightening moment for all who usurp our rights. In fact, I would go so far as to say that there wouldn't be an atheist left in the whole damn place. The site of so many pissed off people who held in their hands the power of life or death would make one reexamine if they were on the correct side of the issue or not. Do we stand and fight or do we crawl on our bellies and live????? My choice is to stand and fight. Are you a Patriot or are you a spineless useless eater???
Robert Gibbs is a pompous ass!!!!
Glenn Beck is a fraud and a traitor. He scorns those who question Obo's eligibilty. He is not the same broadcaster from 5 years ago.
I'm sure that the politicians will be all over this (sigh)!!!! There are many things in this life that I don't know BUT, the one thing that I DO know is that if you threaten me or my loved ones you will pay a heavy price for your big floppy mouth right where you are standing. ARE THERE ANY MEN LEFT IN OUR SOCIETY???? These ugly 7th century throwbacks need to be schooled. Why are people so damn afraid to lift one finger against these monsters???
Cat Travis, did someone here not speak kind and gentle words about "the one"??? I too hope that the world takes notice of our scumbag-in-chief when he is booted out on his ass. This is the wrong place to want to hold hands and sing songs about the world. We see through our foreign national-in-chief. This clown is a marxist/communist. People here do not want to live under that type of government, period!! True Americans will not surrender. True Americans will NEVER go down without a fight. It's better to die on your feet than live on your knees!! Don't Tread on Me.............Live Free or Die
I am not a fan of John McCain's but he spoke clearly and to the point yesterday. The response given by the POS quite simply pissed me off!!!!!! He did nothing to address the questions, comments or concerns raised yesterday. We must back the efforts of Dr. James David Manning. Dr. Manning has this whole thing figured out and I believe that he will present the case in May 2010 that will Unseat the Thief-in-Chief.
I'm involved in the construction industry here in Central Ohio. Current work and upcoming projects to bid are almost at a complete standstill. Can anyone explain to me how more and more people are losing their jobs and yet unemployment is decreasing???? Housing starts are said to be way up BUT the first board has yet to leave the lumber yards!! Two years ago all types of construction trucking were a common sight on local roadways. Now, when you see a concrete truck driving down the road it stands out. So many Americans have nothing left. The government, under many different administrations, have robbed the productive workers to give to foreign nations and the leeches amongst us. Nobody on either side of the aisle gives one hoot about middle America. If they truly cared then we would see quick action to take us back to the financial principle's that made this nation successful!! The vampires in the government are firmly affixed to our wallets. We are growing weaker by the day. We cannot stand much longer. Freedom is quickly being kicked aside and replaced by a wicked police state. Civil war is looming large over this nation.
Toggle Commented Feb 17, 2010 on Obama's Stone Age at Atlas Shrugs
The film clip showing the enforcer punching the shirtless young man is terrible. We saw the same exact thing here this past summer in Pittsburgh during the G-20 summit. I'm not talking about the anarchists I'm talking about the university students attacked at their own dorms. Remember???? A thug is a thug is a thug. Our own LE is no different than what we witness in Iran. Does anyone remember the 72 year old woman in N.O. during Katrina having the hell beaten out of her inside of her own home by the Federalized California Highway Patrolmen???? As horrible as things are for the people in Iran we as Americans would and have faced the similar treatment here from our very own LE community. The one big difference at this time is that we are not being shot.
Toggle Commented Feb 11, 2010 on Iran a "Nuclear State" at Atlas Shrugs
I'm surprised that FBI has not released a statement that this event is in no way connected with "terrorism". They normally do that within three minutes of the event.
I sure hope that America has her day in court with this pompous, arrogant a$$hole!!!!
Toggle Commented Feb 7, 2010 on STFU at Atlas Shrugs
It's like everything else surrounding the Usurper this will never see the light of day.
Pamela, this article really pisses me off!!!! If these sonsofbitches in Washington really want war with us then we sure as hell can give it to them.
Toggle Commented Jan 18, 2010 on Help Wanted: Civll War Role Players at Atlas Shrugs
People are starting to scale the castle walls!!! I'm surprised that the cops didn't move in and start clubbing all who disagree with "The One". This POS POTUS better pack his bags and head back to Kenya!!! He hasn't seen shit yet!!!
Until Americans are willing to exercise their 2nd Amendment rights and march on Washington none of this will ever change!!!!! The ballot box no longer works!! The politicans from both side laugh at us every day. We are being suffocated. We need to stand as one with firm resolve and give Washington an ultimatum!! Either the rats volunteer to leave or we force the issue!!! You can call me a bigot, hatemonger or extremist because I no longer care. I'm sick of watching America being raped by every scumbag who has ever crawled on the earth. Is there anyone else who is ready and willing to pick up a rifle and stand against this tyranny with me??? Am I alone in my thoughts and feelings??
Toggle Commented Jan 16, 2010 on GITMO Enemy Combatants: Batch 10 at Atlas Shrugs
Israel needs to adopt a lead for stone policy. Screw who does not like it!!! Any PLO moron picking up and throwing a stone needs to be shot between the eyes with a .308 Winchester!!!!!! You'd see just how quick the stone throwing would cease.
What a smokin' hot babe!! :-) Pamela, HAPPY NEW YEARQQ
Toggle Commented Dec 31, 2009 on Happy Juicy New Year, baby! at Atlas Shrugs