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Shannon and especially MediaWeary, how to you replace an old reality with a new reality? I offer one answer: imagination. Indeed grime political strifes are the current situation in Africa (including Malawi, for sure.) William knows what hunger is. During a time of devestating famine, he hungered for food, he hungered for means to pay for basic needs to be clothed, to be sheltered, to sustain a small farm business (certainly mostly his dad's burden for the farm, to sell crops for BASIC household subsistence), and he hungered with a burning desire for real knowledge (not being able to afford to go to school.) In all of these areas William tried to help his family, with nothing but his own will and imagination. Most people, including his own parents, in his village thought this young boy was going crazy with his power generating windmill obsession, just from pictures of a basic science book for youngsters (he could not read English). But against conventional thinking, he prove you can make something out of nothing and imagination. "I tried, and I did it," is my favorite quote from this remakable, humble, human being, William Kamkwamba. The odds have been continually stacked against him, in many ways (only one of them being political), yet I am not betting against him. I dare not, for I will be giving up on the best of ourselves on planet Earth. We still hunger for an Earth with an overwhelming majority of William Kamkwambas. Imagine with me.
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Oct 4, 2010