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When my wife and I thought child 3 would be children 3 & 4, we fancied Daria & Darian as a great girl/boy combo. Cute 'n' clever, and sure to be hated by them when they grew up to become individuals.
Toggle Commented May 11, 2010 on Names that make you weep at squeetus
I couldn't get behind you on your comments about the animation industry—I felt they painted the industry with too broad a brush—but I feel you're spot on in this column. I am constantly puzzled by people who put up a gate towards literacy. I grew up on comics and Hardy Boy books. I learned vocabulary, culture, and politics from them. Those books lead me to mythology, science fiction & cryptozoology. Still people didn't approve, but I kept reading. The "classics" both modern & past seemed drab to me, but by college I was reading books on self-help, psychology, history, politics, and culture. I still read comics, graphic novels, and manga. Today I write my own books and I read more than many of those people who disapproved of my reading materials. I thank my mum who bought me my first comic books and hunted down Hardy Boy books for me. If she had forced me to read "drab" classics I might never have learned to love reading.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2010 on Graphic novels: the great satan at squeetus
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Mar 9, 2010