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Douglas Kretzmann
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thank you to Xentrax, who posted the gizmodo bitrate test music in the previous thread, The Carmen and 'Feel Good' samples display vivid differences even to my old ears, using a Behringer DAC and Grado headphones. I could not hear anything in the cheesy samples at all, they were indifferently horrid..
I can't hear the difference, until I can.. that is, on mediocre headphones with on-board audio, listening to over-produced 80s pop/rock like this, I cannot tell the difference between the encodings. Using a DAC to a decent high fidelity system and listening to opera, the lower quality encodings are blatantly horrible. Like most others here, I keep archival copies for listening when concentrating on the music, and everyday copies for the mp3 player, car, etc. In the old days that meant LPs and cassettes, now it means FLAC and mp3.. truth be told, I have mp3s made from cassettes made from LPs that no longer exist..
Toggle Commented Jun 21, 2012 on The Great MP3 Bitrate Experiment at Coding Horror
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Jun 21, 2012