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I use a blackberry and have accessorized it mainly by way of software. The phone is a Bold 9000 and I added a 16 GB SDHC. Although I carry a 4 GB SDHC on my key chain, I use the smartphone for data storage more often that not. I also carry my bluetooth earpiece for phone and a pair of stereo headphones for podcasts. For built-in apps I routinely use: Enterpirse Email, Email with 4 added POP3 accounts, adddress book, Password Keeper, Documents To Go, calculator, camera, video, IM, SMS, BB Maps, web browser, GPS, voicenotes, tasks, visual voicemail, Clock, Alarm Clock, and MemoPad. I have added a few other apps: Google maps, Podtrapper, Honeydew, Google Newsreader, Bible, CacheSense (geocaching), Twitter, Repligo Reader, BiM Active (walking tracker), Bejeweled, Sudoku, Pinball Deluxe, SeaBattle, Marble Trap, and the ReverieD theme. I think this is most everything... -doug
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Aug 16, 2010