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So can one ever get off the list of the damned or because I insulted Tim once am I banned for a lifetime. Just curious.
Does anyone believe that Pudge could teach the young pitching staff a thing or two?
I really dont understand why the yanks want this guy. I mean, they have tex and are already sort of jammedin dh with possibilities of damon/matsui/jeter(in the future).Posted by: sharx Well since neither Damon nor Matsui is currently signed I would say that free things up a little. Also you can wish like other Yankees haters that Jeter will just DH in the next two years but that isn't happening.
Yes lets ruin the game until every contest becomes some sort of 20-19 home run derby that the "average" fan will like. Let those with short attention spans go watch football so when there is a break in the action they can look at the purty cheerleaders. Also I don't get the love of Pete Rose. Did he not agree to a lifetime ban? Also why support a guy that lied to you for years after he was caught red handed, I guess he thought all you guys were dumb. Oh wait you are still supporting him so I guess he was right after all.
Jason Grilli now has 57 comments who'd a thunk that?
Also I hope all these stats take into account ball park and whether they were day or night games and if the sun was in the batter's eyes. Whether the batter's in the NL West are better than those in the East and Central. It is the only way to fairly compare the stats.
If he gets Cy Young bonus money I hope he uses it to cut a hair cut and not blow it all on weed.
The Red Sox or anybody else for that matter is taking one of the huge contracts with them if the Reds trade Votto. Please check out the first few chapters of my new baseball book for free at:
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If the Red Sox win this one the Rays are done for the season. Check out my new baseball novel 33 Summers at Also you can read the first few chapters at:
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I think Beckett's arm may be shot for this season unless he gets some time off. Check out the first few chapters of my new baseball novel 33 Summers at:
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Of course Pat Kelly heard you, they have to be able to hear us or that makes my wife right and I'll never live that down. Check out my new baseball novel, 33 Summers, at:
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All I know is that I'm glad Hideki Matsui chose to eat his Wheaties this weekend. If you like baseball fiction check out my new novel, 33 Summers, available at:
Another weekend of Red Sox and Yankees baseball, what will this one bring, a fight, a sweep, a major injury. I for one don't know, but I sure as hell will be watching. Good to have Remy back in the booth, even though I am a Yankees fan. Check out my new baseball novel, 33 Summers, at: Hurry only one copy left in stock.
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That game last night was awesome and I really believe it was due to good solid pitching rather than struggling offenses. I hope today's game will be just as entertaining, but I doubt it. Check out my new baseball novel 33 Summers at:
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Nomar can still hit a little but really where are you going to play him? I have just had my first baseball novel released called 33 Summers check it out at.
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The idea that the Seattle Mariners turned this down is incredible. Th Mariners are run by a bunch of idiots. I have just released my first baseball novel 33 Summers check it out at
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