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Wil, Great story! I don't know if you knew about this or not, but there is a community of writers over on twitter who post Flash pieces every Friday with the #FridayFlash tag. The report for last friday is here It is a very cool community worth checking out when you have the time. All the best, Paul
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Very good advice. I spent hours trying to force a story in my head into my comfortable 3rd person narrative. I started and stopped at least half a dozen times and none of it worked. I switched to 1st person and it wrote itself in, literally, in an hour and a half. (If you're curious it's here: and is a flash piece so not even 900 words) I really do think that the stories in our heads have more depth and complexity than even we know. There really something magical when they show us the way.
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I just came here from John Scalzi's blog and he is auctioning off a special edition of Redhisrts for charity. Have you considered auctioning off some of your beer for charity? I know a lot of us would be keen to partake :-) Just a thought and glad it turned out!
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Wil- I was never a fan of fighting games either, but Super Smash Bros changed that. If you don't have a Wii or GC, find someone who does and play it with friends. It is awesome. I also don't particularly find the Kinect that appealing, but my teen stepson and his friends are over the top with excitement for it coming out. Like you said, we're not the target demographic. Thanks for the report! Paul
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May 11, 2010