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The use of the force of the social networks as Facebook to create its Web site is in fact one very popular inclusion for the set of tools of marketing in line, now him aconse Promover Its Web site with Facebook. It offers an alternative method to put itself in contact with potential clients without using electronic mail, that often filters, to forgotten and it has even been eliminated. Filters of mail sweepings can reject verderos email within their clients who are been in their list. The subscribers cannot know how to add his electronic mail to the white list or simply they do not take the time to do it. Facebook is free of of this kind of problems. Then, how one can obtain traffic of facebook for its page of fans and, finally, its Web site. Next some Strategies are enumerated to observe if it is wanted to reach both. * Interesting, rich key words in its Profile - Its profile also must be of interest for its objective public and who contains the key words. You not only must to be satisfied with a few lines. It would like to appear in Google, searches in Facebook, as well as the lists of people distributed between the friendly. * It puts its site of Internet and product descriptions in the wall, description and photos and to assure that the information that incorporates the key words. * To publish the times that can and to use interesting information and are worth the pain and to add to connections to your site or blog. * The interaction is a necessity. If a person initiates a commentary or a question, you must respond immediately. This tends to demonstrate that you are interested in the votings of your followers and therefore they... Continue reading
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Gabriela Almeida Da Silva 1 Summary: The work consists inside of a research on the green public spaces of the great cities. They will be boarded historical aspects, the consequences of the relation city and nature, the definition and characteristics of the main urban green areas that today are represented by the public parks, squares, gardens and arborization of avenues and highways. finally to show its function in the urban space. Words keys: urban green areas; urban planning; public spaces; lazer1. IntroduoA history of the urban green areas evolved during the time, leaving of the beginning of a garden, some famous gardens as the garden of the den and the suspended gardens of Babilnia help have to count a little histories of the green areas, therefore it is from there that the idea of modern gardens of the cities is had inside. The introduction of gardens in urban areas occurred mainly in century XIX in the Europe, China and in Egypt. When this practical if it became common in the Europe, had started to appear the first plazas and squares in Brazil in area urbansticas, mainly from the three last decades of century XIX, and thus it had a constant transformation of the public spaces in the great Brazilian cities. No longer century XX, if became common construction of landscaped squares and parques.2. Urbano and NaturezHoje the green areas if had become a reference in defense of the environment and its degradation, currently the green spaces are being taken for the urban centers. The urbanization is each more complex time, that is, the urban space tends if to more expand each time because of its productive force, and thus the partner-ambient questions enter in contradiction with the partner-economic questions. This can be reflected in the following phrase ' ' The... Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2017 at Dp Discourses
In the conception of the Portuguese Central Bank (2009, N.P.) banking card is defined as: ... a payment instrument, generally under the form of a plastic card, disponibilizado for the entity drawer to the bearer so that this, through the access to a net of telecommunications and on the basis of the account the one that the card is associated, acquires good or services, effect payments, proceed the surveys from notes and/or carry through other operations. The Smart card bank clerk can also be understood as a card that if resembles in form and size to a conventional credit card of magnetic plastic with tarja, differentiating itself of this for chip that it is inlaid in the same. Worcman, colunista of Interesting the Super magazine (1998, ed. 126), summarize the concept redefining it as one ' ' intelligent card that comes with one chip capable to process dados' '. The site Clear Online (2009) describing on the regulation of the card of chip, it defines with a card that serves to carry through transactions, in these inserted monetary units or other data of values, that represent not monetary rights that are transferred between the user and the supplier of services or are presented to the supplier of services for verification of the rights, being that the card of chip understands a memory, in which the data necessary to carry through the transactions are stored. It can also be appraised as an existing device in the credit cards that possess the function to add more security in the purchase transactions and booties. Another definition says that, is a card that contains one chip that it generates and it stores digital certificates, that is, information that say who you are. How much to chip, the Portuguese Central Bank defines it as one... Continue reading
Posted Oct 24, 2017 at Dp Discourses
Yosep stealing from the safe of his father, freak hunting weapons. Ends with a bloodbath at the school canteen ... The film's director said: "In Estonia itself of the kind. But we remember the tragic events of Columbine in college in 1999, when two students - 17 and 18 years old - was shot a few dozen fellow students and teachers themselves and committed suicide. 'Columbine syndrome' may hit different countries. So our movie is not so much about a particular event, but rather about causes of school violence. " So, we are faced with three questions whose answers we can truly simulate the behavior of an ideal life enters into a young man in a hostile world (after all, if we're not going to search for ideal behavior in the present, why do anything at all to read or watch?): 1. What is the motivation of students, pushing them to the humiliation of Yosepom? 2. The reasons impelled by Caspar and Yosepa to take the plunge? Could this step be any different? 3. What should substitute the enemy when burning is both cheeks? We examine these questions in order. 1. WHAT IS THE MOTIVATION OF STUDENTS, pushing them to mockery YOSEPOM? As has been said (and the film is clearly visible), children (including - teens) are without any parental attention and general attention from adults. The world is cruel to them, and they repays him in kind, as they develop in exactly as required by existing conditions subject to the strong and weak inhibiting, while fully expecting to life only for themselves and their past accomplishments, prestige and status - may be useful in the present and future. Continue reading
Posted Jul 30, 2017 at Dp Discourses
Meet Laika, who was found dead beast does not bark at him. Do huskies are well trained to give voice, this lack of an easy fix. Approaching the spot where the dog has found an animal, you must give a command "voice" and after a husky this team, to encourage her a treat or affection. At the training impact on voting more than ever requires patience. Force events should not be. Several of these exercises and the dog will understand what to do. Only after the above described classes will be developed husky to perfection, you can start training to approximate how required for testing. At a blood test track laid in the pure forest. The length of the artificial track - 500 meters. Trace has at least three turns at an acute angle in the opposite direction. After 50 meters from the start trace is the first maturation beast. Following maturation are made every 150 meters. At the end of the track is laid animal carcass, stripped of the innards and sewn. On the following costs half a liter of blood to the animal, the carcass is laid out in end. Blood is applied swab from the sponge attached to a stick 1,5 - 2 meters length or with a dropper. On average, two-step is applied one drop of blood. Maturation of the animal indicated thicker nakropleniem blood in one place. It is known that the test - a test of hunting skills and behavior of dogs in conditions as close to hunting. Continue reading
Posted Jul 27, 2017 at Dp Discourses
Removing Mikroskleroterapiya reticulum (supply) veins, spider veins of small intradermal (telangiectasia). The procedure is performed using ultrathin needles, so it is practically painless. In the spider veins (telangiectasia) is injected sclerosant, resulting in their disappearance. Foam Form sclerotherapy most modern way of non-surgical treatment of varicose veins based on the introduction of their clearance sclerosant in the form of microbubbles. To date - this is the most effective method of sclerotherapy, which allows to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time. Echo-sclerotherapy includes a sclerotherapy under ultrasound guidance. Varicose veins can occur not only immediately under the skin, but at a certain depth (0.5-2 cm). Conduct of sclerotherapy of varicose veins in such cases can only be controlled ultrasound scanner. A monitoring ultrasonic scanning phlebologist estimates closing the lumen of the vein and therapeutic effect. This method is, in some cases can postpone surgery for a long time period of time or avoid it. Outpatient surgery with the patient's discharge during the day in some cases may need surgery - removal of varicose veins. Operational Plan intervention is made individually for each patient on the basis of duplex scanning. Apply the most forgiving European art removal veins Phlebology famous world-famous (Oesch, Muller, Varady). This allows for intervention with the maximum comfort for the patient. The clinic is often used local anesthesia (tumescent), which not only allows patients to write out the same day after surgery, but avoid unnecessary anesthesia. Miniflebektomiya (mikroflebektomiya) Method of removal of varicose veins. With the help of special tools varicose veins are removed through small punctures of the skin (1-3 mm). Immediately after surgery the patient can walk, but after 2-3 months no one would guess that the foot was operated on. Individual selection of medical compression hosiery Compression therapy is an essential component of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 25, 2017 at Dp Discourses
Methodology to evaluate the site is: ask yourself question, and if necessary at the facility interactivity? And if needed, to what extent it is? 3. Recently Derek Jeter sought to clarify these questions. The principle of manifest competitiveness. For Web resources, intended for a broad audience, should certainly take into account their special specificity. Considering one of the most important criteria - quality content - do not forget that the object of assessing the site is not an abstract literary (or technical) work, but nevertheless it is the site (Ie project, adapted for use on the Internet.) Therefore, you must meticulously and expertly evaluate text content for compliance with its key elements (words, phrases, sentences) stated theme, complete (again, according to the principle of necessity and sufficiency!) and the correctness of the semantic core, the density of "keys" in the text and so on. For, if the project is not a niche (or at all closed) resource, its success is almost 99.9% will depend directly on competent and full of internal optimization (of course, not only from this, but in these materials, I do not consider other factors, SEO). 4. The principle of integrated evaluation site. Grasp the assessment of the site, do not EVER forget that in this way you accepted the responsibility to try to understand the idea as a customer resource and a Web designer and developer - so to speak, to start think the same way as they are. Please note: This question is not simple! - Based on considerable personal experience, I can confidently assert that making assessment of the site and gaining its concept, very, very often You see huge discrepancies between what is required (and what should be done) to the customer, and that was the result - and it's not purely my... Continue reading
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Having to walk away was inevitable as you might notice when you read this. My wife and I, the Lord's will, we could not have children, but thank God our lives are together, and we got used to live for each other. I never thought that having children was most important in marriage, but I realized that I would have liked to have a daughter, because always in the street, or where I meet a little girl, my attention, and I do not say need but the nostalgia of having a female daughter. We all have our hidden love our people, who wake up in due course. Amor de child to his parents, brother to brother love, love of spouse, love of a father to his children, etc.. That baby was sleeping in me, was that he was awakened the daughters of our friends John and Carmen. At all times we shared together I imagined it was me as a father, I felt esecarino of the girls father, may think that the error was (as I said in confession father), having shown great affection openly. Prejudice jumped quickly and gave the direct comment of a person of the group (in this case I do not want to mention the name), the direct comment "not to hang out with bad intentions." It hurts a lot, and if I say so is because within the parish there are people with very twisted mind who only think the worst of others, and say that it really hurts, because that love was something very special and beautiful that I was going . Now I see clearly when my grandmother told me: "Do not you admire in other people's children." is based on the absolute trust of one friend to another, and if that relationship... Continue reading
Posted Jul 24, 2016 at Dp Discourses
The refractory mass or refractory body are elements that resist heat and are especially used in the walls of the furnace or in general any system that requires protection from heat, is usually found in the isolation of fireplaces, fires, hot water tanks for crucibles for molten metals, etc.. through asbestos. They are normally used in association with the refractories or refractory plates and have a common composition with them. To produce, prepare a mixture of ligno-sulfonates aluminum silicate, (aluminum + silicon) and silicon carbide, a look that has been homogenized mixture is added and barium sulfate and calcium fluoride and then proceed to cooking of the mixture to 110 degrees Celsius, such mixtures significantly reduce water use and allow formed by molding or extrusion, in the past was the use of asbestos usual for this type of application but due to toxicity (carcinogenic) have fallen into disuse usually are found with a density of between 450-750 kg M3, with a very small thermal contraction of around 0.5%, non-combustible and are obviously looking for with no water in its structure, for which they should be kept dry. The power must be capable of cutting, drilling, grinding, shaping, polishing, and usually just need to work the conventional tools of carpentry. The installation and the pairing of refractory masses must be performed by qualified personnel, since not all the mortars are useful for this purpose under that contain moisture, the same, as is evident is harmful and should be avoided at all special things at the time of the operation of the oven because it creates internal pressures, which could degenerate into cracks in the refractory bricks An application of the refractory mass is the development of so-called prefabricated refractory and can be manufactured according to the geometry specified by the customer,... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at Dp Discourses
The new values, increasing industrialization, the wild search for progress, the doctrines humanists and materialists, ode to a type of freedom that if opposes to the Christian moral, everything this contributed for internal misalignments that had taken to the one new formularization of ' ' to be famlia' ' e, in many cases, to the irreparable losses for that they had not obtained to adjust itself to the new times. Amongst as many influences and results taxes to the family for modernity, we go to detach some that had marked this moment and of some form they had produced changes in the familiar context. ) Loss of the referencial - the family always was the place of ' ' perpetual retorno' '. We could leave to work, to study, to travel and amusing in them, but we knew that we had a home for where, when coming back, everything would be adjusted to a tranquilizadora normality again. Modernity brought other alternatives. The individual extended its world and of a vision intra-home, it started to cultivate a vision exo-home or extra-home. The house already more is not acolhedora, it she is consequently inhibiting conservative and of discoveries, of growth, of expansion, as the world of offers of is there insists on reaching on them. Then, the family started to be the epicenter of moral abalos and relationary that they banished the individual for is - in one feeling inverse of its vocation -, instigated that it was for the temptations happened of the desmantelador power of the seductions of modernity on its life. b) Superficiality - the loss of the familiar referencial - in a subtle transistion of the influence power, mainly on the new members of the family (children, adolescents and young) -, transistion this of the power of coercion... Continue reading
Posted Jul 20, 2016 at Dp Discourses
Oriented Particle board is a new high-tech material used in Wood Frame Construction, in the manufacture of furniture, for packaging. osb boards are made by gluing large size (3-8 cm) thin chips, with upper and lower layers of the grain direction, longitudinal, and in the middle layer - cross the length of the slab. On the physical properties of osb are similar to softwood plywood, but much cheaper to manufacture due to low quality requirements for wood raw material. Because of the lower cost of the same qualities of consumer-oriented chipboard gradually replacing plywood in many traditional areas of application. Oriented strand board - a three-layer thick pressed wood board from the large-oriented chips of softwood. A substitute for plywood and particleboard. Appearance Oriented chipboard clearly explains its name. Plate can be easily distinguished by an elongated chips. Oriented strand board is made up of three layers. In the outer (upper and lower) layers of wood chips is located longitudinally and transversely in the inner layer. Each layer is glued with waterproof resins and compressed under high pressure and temperature. As a result of this technological features of the osb gets water resistance, elasticity and resistance to stretching and construction loads. Particle board, oriented structure (OSB) are made by hot pressing of wood chips mixed with a binder material. Technology osb production was first applied on an industrial scale in the U.S. in early 1990. According to this production technology initially logs are sorted, then hold a special treatment and fumigate. After which the logs planed along the fibers to maximum preservation of strength of the structure of wood for wood chips. The average length of wood chips is 80 mm and the width depending on the barrel. Thus, the osb boards are made only from the particle size of... Continue reading
Posted Jul 6, 2016 at Dp Discourses
As a consequence, the old buildings do not meet modern standards of economy resources, not a qualitative change in heating systems and water supply. So today there are several other ways to solve problems in this area. Energy-saving housing should be the result of a joint efforts of residents and the management company. It is mandatory utilities required to organize an energy audit. After this examination of experts will express their opinion about the loss of heat apartments and point to problematic points that should be addressed first. Energy conservation implies that in each room will be installed meters, taking into account the consumption of water and gas and electricity meters. In this case, there is motivation to apartment owners to save resources, including electricity: the costs will be immediately reflected in the payment receipt, so the saving will be the reason that in cost of electricity will be interested not only housing, but residents of the home. In addition to saving an additional advantage of installing water and gas meters is the ability to put the house 'smart' equipment, which can monitor the occurrence of accidents and to act promptly when they occur. Sensors immediately report the malfunction to the holder and automatically take effect - blocking the flow of water or block the gas if the gas System fault detected. Installing meters and "smart" automation help once and for all solve the problem of paying costly repairs from neighbors below, and will also make the house much safer for the hosts. Intelligent energy-saving technologies in each chandelier. In the framework of realization of the state program implementation of energy saving, increasing energy-saving bulbs can be heard advertising. It could be standard long tube that love set in hospitals, and small traditional saving lamps, the usual form. Their high... Continue reading
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Nowadays the industry of Affiliate Marketing and selling products over the Internet in general, has grown very fast. This is because more people have chosen both to buy and to sell on the Internet by comforts and advantages offered by this medium. A platform that offers products for purchase and sale, is ClickBank. ClickBank, although it is not well known among the population in general as some other sites on the Internet, actually is one of the well established Affiliate Marketing veterans.When Clickbank gave home to your affiliate network?This company was founded in 1998, when the Internet was just beginning to take off in a big way. But even in those early days, ClickBank knew that there would be a future in the creation of an online marketplace where companies could sell your digital products.Now what types of products are sold?Most of the products that are sold on this platform are e-books or e-books, but also some companies offer software, memberships or subscriptions. Since 1998, ClickBank processing an average of nearly 20,000 orders a day. Since 2007 sales have risen to 1 million daily.But how does this site for affiliate marketing?It brings together sellers with their goods to sell, along with the people who want to buy these products, and people who are willing to take those products and promote them on the Web. ClickBank affiliate-people who want to work through this company as affiliates, are looking for a product that interests them and get a link from affiliate that you serve to promote it. If they achieve a sale through the retrieved link, the owner of the product disburses a Commission for each sale.It should be clarified that you, as a seller or affiliate, are not employed by the owner of the product or ClickBank, since many people think... Continue reading
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With regard to the sterilization of the hand parts - important protocol of biossegurana, to prevent crossed infection, widely commented in the Biossegurana article under the Legal Aspect, published in 23. edition of the magazine Surya News, fits to stand out the necessity of the use of a strap of chemical integrator in each package of the game of instruments (01 turbine and 01 against-angle) chemical preparations for sterilization in sterilizer. It is important that all the esterilizado material is opened in the front of the patient, at the moment of its attendance. The pointer strap/chemical emulator must be removed of the package and be glue in proper book for this type of notation, being requested the patient who dates and signs, as having testified such procedure, to the end of each attendance. With these cares and the documentation of the monitorizao of the sterilizer, through the biological test, carried through weekly, the professional will have as to prove that the instruments used in the treatment duly were esterilizados. Not rare, for the fact of the professional not to possess enough documentation, to produce test of that it did not act with guilt, being shown all the measures taken in relation to the patient, the legal actions can result in conviction of the professional. In accordance with the article 5, interpolated proposition VIII, of the Code of Odontolgica Ethics: ' ' it is to have basic of the professionals of the Odontologia to elaborate and to keep brought up to date handbooks of the patients, conserving them in archive prprio' '. Being thus, the absence of this documentation can try the conviction of the professional, also, in administrative proceeding, before the Regional Advice of Odontologia. All the odontolgica documentation is, for right, of the patient, having the professional the guard... Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2016 at Dp Discourses
What technologies do we use? The method of evaluating service Mystery shopping or "mystery shopping" in itself is a technique (technology). Russian standards do not differ from international, as taken over from Western colleagues. Standards or general principles are fairly simple: two-sided estimate (implementation of corporate standards and the attractiveness of the network to customers). Compliance sampling mystery shoppers target audience. Constant rotation of the secret customers. Adequate (not overloaded) form - the number of disclosed information in the questionnaire should not exceed the amount, the potential for storing the average person. Pre-development scenario and instructing appraisers (a legend of mystery shoppers required, mandatory comments on certain issues, the scale of assessment of the implementation of corporate standards). The principle of correctness (the staff checked the network should be warned about the leadership of the control). 2. Aspects of the evaluation and final selection of drill blocks defined by the customer profiles based on the assigned tasks for the company. We develop an adequate questionnaire - readable and understandable guide to the network, valued staff and mystery shoppers. The form should be as convenient for network managers on subsequent screenings and treatment - not overloaded with comments (The same phrase from month to month cease to be perceived), subject to automatic processing (integration of quality indicators in points). With time and changing the form of tasks can be transformed. Full set of blocks forms the following: Foreign attraction areas (convenience location, design, cleanliness of the surrounding area, windows and doors). Continue reading
Posted Jun 16, 2016 at Dp Discourses
It initiates investigation on verification of the facts, previous to the opening of the sanctioning file. In phase of verification the AEPD can ask for to the presumed violator whichever documentation considers pertinent. Although the LOPD does not indicate anything on the right of defense of the presumed violator, in the application of Art. 79 of Law 30/92 of the Administrative Procedure, this one will be able to realise whichever allegations considers advisable; and to realise actual verifications, and in this case the inspector will write up act that will be offered for the company/signature of the investigated one where this one will be able to also carry out allegations. Like reasons for defense, in both cases, besides the materials, we could allude to formal reasons or of procedure, as they could be those of prescription of the facts. If it is verified that indeed the right is being harmed, the Agency can act of two different ways. 1 Aplicar the figure of the warning. For it will have to verify the concurrence of the demanded requirements previously commented so that it is applied. In this point, and remembering that one of the applicable requirements is the nonsanction or previous warning, to indicate that if previously the violator had been sanctioned, or warned previously, one would be due to verify that the sanction will have prescribed, in which case would be possible to be applied again the warning. Term will be granted to him so that it realises the propose cogoverning measures, and in case it did not apply them it would initiate sanctioning investigation. 2 Abrir sanctioning file, in which case y S.A. term of the same would impose described penalty as it weighs or it burdens the sanctioned one could resort before the National Hearing asking for the... Continue reading
Posted Mar 31, 2016 at Dp Discourses
In order to obtain more exhibition, it will have to in line pass some in the agencies of marketing of third parties, such as the services of construction of connections, banners, blogs and commentaries. The income liabilities can totally be semiautomatic and automated. Semiautomatic they are methods that they require to construct a work of field before the campaign can work and begin to generate income current. This method needs solid base and the total commitment in the very early phase. The failure to obtain this will be translated in a failure. methods semi-automatic require very small initial costs and, sometimes, almost free. Some examples of this are the announcements of blogs of niche of the flag, and the connection, commentaries of affiliates, real estate agent in line, the affiliates of and-I deal or personal warehouse of electronic commerce, etc methods Totally automated talks about like a method of sluggish marketing. This system was perfected by its salesmen so that when registering themselves and paying, that are called on its data in her and to begin to make money. The advantages are, you you do not have to worry about the work because of the configuration, installation and commercialization. This must to that those tasks appear in the form of which already they have paid. Some examples of this are sites ready to use Web for the announcements of banner and Link, minisites of affiliates, lists of automated, ready to use electronic mail of sites of electronic commerce, money that makes software as of currencies, the sites of adhesion, the formation of coaching/, investments, etc Creation of one rents passive cannot make money, although the final mission is to make much money of passive form. When a passive entrance is created, that is creating a system that does not have... Continue reading
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A. Why not? Human feelings and qualities have no territorial or national boundaries. Q. How do you think, as a dentist, you have the opportunity succeed abroad according to your specialty? A. Sure is. I do believe that in any profession or specialty can succeed anywhere, it would wish. Striving for success, hard work, good professional quality - and success is assured. B. For me, Ukraine is a country - an enigma, very beautiful. There are many educated and intelligent people. It would seem that there are so many possibilities and potential and all the same to So far your state is developing with great difficulty. Do you think that life in Ukraine is better? You feel better living in Ukraine? A. I do not believe this issue is correct as if I did respond to it you can not understand the whole Indeed, perhaps because of different mindset, perhaps because you live in another country. There are many different nuances that can not be answered unequivocally. Frankly, the discussion of this aspect of our country to a citizen of another countries hurt my patriotic feelings. Moreover, I do not think that the economic or political situation of our country can affect the relationship between the Ukrainian women and potential husbands foreigners. Q. How do I Why do you think Ukrainian women are so popular among men around the world? A. Because they embody all the qualities that should have a real woman in every man's dream. Somehow Ukrainian connect a comprehensive love, boundless tenderness, sensitivity, where a weakness and at the same time - a furious determination, perseverance, strength, and courage. Continue reading
Posted Jun 10, 2014 at Dp Discourses
For a reason or purpose illustration if to consider a story of kings in 1902, capitalized semester with interests composites of 5% to the year, today we would have around 140 stories of kings. In 1910 to construct to one kilometer of railroad (understanding the land, the railway line with the dormentes, the rolling material, the fence, the telegraph, the station and the warehouse) the accurate government it paid to the concessionaire 32 stories of kings, that is, the 140 stories of the 4,4 approximately kings are equivalent railroad km. Based in this comparison the government the equivalent would have to return to the carrier of a policy of a story of 1902 kings the 4,4 railroad km. How much valley today the Station of adjacent 4,4 Light and more km, well more than the R$3.000.000, 00 (three Real million) that the update of a policy of a story of kings reaches for the parity gold. Valley to say exactly that receiving this value, the carrier of the policy is having a loss, therefore the gold had a very great depreciation in recent years. Moreover, 98% of the headings that had been emitted had been played outside or burnt for the carriers, who had not had interest in change them in 1956, since what they went to receive, did not pay nor tram that would have that it takes them of gone and it comes back to the Sinking fund, and that they had also not questioned from fear the oppression of the successive governments of exception. This provided an enormous profit to the drawers of the headings that had hoarded an enormous patrimony, in detriment of the carriers of the headings. The consolidation of 1962 Through the Dec. n 4,069, of 11 of June of 1962, new consolidation was... Continue reading
Posted Jun 3, 2014 at Dp Discourses
They had signed the Protocol of Kyoto, set of means of litigating that stipulated the reduction in 5,2% of the emission of gases greenhouse, in relation to the 1990 levels, between 2008 and 2012. In meanwhile the United States, responsible greaters for the emission of these gases, if had denied to sign it for the impact that it would cause in its economy. In December of the passed year, in Copenhagen, Conference of United Nations occurred 15 on Change of the Climate. Although it has found the same impediments seen in Japan (with the reinforcement of the European Union), what if it saw in the Danish capital raises was it of the emergent countries, between which Brazil, for the adoption of measures emergencies. Moreover, weight names, as United States former-Vice-President and Prize Nobel of the Peace Al Gore and cineasta Canadian James Cameron, are engaged in this fight, what it still confers one weight bigger to the question. New power plants are searched incessantly. In Portugal, the government of Jose Scrates determined, in 2006, that if it searchs more efficient a economic growth from the use of reduction and power plants you renewed of the emission of the .causing gases of the effect greenhouse. In Iceland, of the impronuncivel volcano Eyjafjallajkull, 80% of the energy of the country is renewable, being 80% of this total generated for geothermal plants and 20% of the plants hydroelectric plants, and intention is that, in a well next future, if reach the totality of what it is consumed in the country. In Brazil, our Etanol already supplies 100% of the cars manufactured from 2005 and the Brazilian Biodiesel is the alternative most efficient to the oil diesel extracted of the oil, therefore it is renewable and biodegradvel. Still thus, the exploration of energies you... Continue reading
Posted May 27, 2014 at Dp Discourses
The speech of Mandela is come back toward a public of favored people less, excluded. This people attributes to the Mandela to the change responsibility and to the social rescue, he believes that, for being one politician, he can bring the right to the freedom for the African people. In this I break up of its speech (10 OF MARCH OF 1994), Mandela it says that ' ' each time that we touch in the ground of this land, we try a sensation of personal renewal. The climate of the dumb nation with estaes' '. When affirming this, Mandela sees the public as ally politician and the people to make a collective work for the reconstruction of that country invites it (Africa), palco of racial fights. One notices that the speech politician can be used to try to seduce, as it is the case of Mandela, that tries to attract its listener with a full speech of hope of positive feelings. He understands yourself that Mandela uses this form of speech because knows that its public passed for all the experiences of sufferings. As well as Mandela its country lived years private of freedom, also participated of this ' ' priso' ' , enslaved for the impositions of the capitalist laws. For Charaudeau (2008, P. 79), the politician must, therefore, to construct for itself a double discursiva identity; one that corresponds to the concept politician, while place of constitution of a thought on the life of the men in society: another one that corresponds to practises politics, place of the strategies of the management of the power. Visa of this form, the politician must create two instances for the speech: one come back toward the ideological positioning and another one that corresponds to the practical politics, the place of the... Continue reading
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With respect to Africa, perhaps its project to interdisciplinar had failed. To recognize this would be to assume a defeat front too much Sciences. Being thus or not, a thing is certain: some theoretical constructions of Braudel, of great efficiency in the analysis of the Europe, possess little usefulness for the study of the continent in question. Exactly thus its work does not deserve to be disrespected or relegated as the plain one, before everything it marks a chapter of the history of the History of Africa. Perhaps but a thing that runs away to the look of this interpretation, can be the great trace of originalidade of Braudel, what he was being incorporated for its great theoretical quality: Nobody yesterday and today that already it occupied or that intends to dedicate itself to the history of Africa will be exempt to work with the long duration. Exactly that he has not obtained to make it, the author leaves the tools for the historian of today leaning over itself on Africa. The briefing of the category time as well as of the duration, its uses and the other secular categories still is one capital problem for the widening and definition of the possibilities of the historiogrfico field. Braudel gave plus a great step. Let us make the remaining portion! To need the duraes and the reorganization some African institutions is basic to understand the civilizador process of the Ocidente. Continue reading
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The man will become exempts to vender its force of work for who understands well. But in the reality, what if he perceives is a sobrante army of people who are obliged to work to possess and to keep its state of welfare. Who is refused to accept the form of domination of the companies, changeds into a being delinquent, who remain the sides of the society and, is seen as a different one. The proper companies keep rules, the one that ' ' colaboradores' ' modern are submitted. The working law conquered with much blood and fights for the classroom, is changedded into simple useless papers. Today, if an employee who does not submit the overtime established by the company, will be able certainly to receive a resignation without joust cause for if denying cumprils. A person whom if she denies to work to the ends of week and holidays, exactly fulfilling its horria load during this, also submits itself to the unemployment. Therefore she is that we can say that exists internal norms that are escravizantes, and that seno fulfilled, places the person in a situation of conflict with the company. The human resources that control the staff all are a selection tool, that works in favor of this domination. When contracting they make an analysis on the past of the candidate, aiming at the physical integration the intellectual of the worker. If they perceive a capacity criticizes and intellectual in relation to the work conditions and rights, discard without exitar. That is, freedom does not exist. Or if vende, respecting the exploratrias norms, or if it becomes plus one in the reserve mass, more known as dismissed. Conclusion We can affirm that, we live at a moment where the submission if becomes inside obligator of the companies... Continue reading
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A global strategy of localization is to locate each individual activity in the country or a few countries most appropriate for that activity. Example: jeans Lee, authentically American label a square where reza: fabric imported from Taiwan, goods in Mexico and made in the Philippines. Talking about the impossibility of speaking of native products, be they cars, consumer audio equipment, or any type of goods. reminds us, that globalization is composed of three interrelated factors: proximity, the location and attitude. These 3-facet frame a composition and complexity, until now unpublished relations faced by a global administrator. Proximity. In this case the managers of the organizations are working hard closer to a greater quantity and variety of customers, competitors, suppliers and regulatory Government. This proximity allows people from around the world to share oral information, video or facsimile copy in a matter of minutes. The increase in technological and managerial capacity of the people around the world is another aspect of proximity. Location. The location and integration of an organization's operations made through various international borders that are part of the globalization. Attitude. Globalization speaks of a new and open attitude to exercise management internationally. This attitude combines a curiosity about the world that lies beyond a border of the own country and a willingness to develop the capabilities necessary to participate in the global economy. Pessimistic version do not surprise you to type, that globalization is identified with the loss of power of the citizens, the dictatorship of capital, the privatization, the depoliticization and retreat of democracy. This view is widespread among unions, parties of left, the journalism and the unemployed, but also between scientists. In synthesis, one can say that the pessimistic Outlook sees globalization as the cause of competition of location, growing unemployment and the inability of... Continue reading
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The proper name of the state is of aboriginal origin, even so glamour of the European descent still persists in the way of many families of Portuguese, French, dutch, English, Italian, Spanish origin and other origins. Exactly the Arab marks have its charm, what it does not occur with the remainders of aboriginals and Africans. As in this study, the object is to deal with antecedents and historical of the city of Parnamirim, it searched to show to all the politician-economic and sociocultural relations that, of some form have contributed for the formation of a society, having considered the approach of the social history of the communities (BURKE, 2008). The aboriginal toponymy tupi in the states and cities of Brazil is the registered mark of the aboriginal historiografia and interests the sociolingstica its study, considering the aboriginal group as important element in the formation of the Brazilian society. Thus, some aboriginal vocbulos Tupi are incorporated the Toponymy of the Portuguese Language of Brazil, in names of States, Cities and Rivers of Brazil, since century XVI. Examples: Amap, (Been of the region north) according to some scholars, ama' comes from tupi; Par, tree of the Apocynaceae family, Hancornia amapa, amap, very abundant in the region. Ananindeua (city of the region metropolitan of Par) Acegu (aboriginal name of the Rio Grande Do Sul): it comes of asy (moon) + k (hole) = Valley of the moon. Hole of the moon. Aracaju (Capital of Sergipe): It has studious that they give timo tupi air (to be born) and ka' yu (cajueiro). Others say that the name also comes of tupi a' frog aka' yu (cajueiro of the parrots), being this last more accepted form. Araatuba (city of the interior of the state of So Paulo): Araatuba comes of arrack (small fruit similar to... Continue reading
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