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so is Taylor saying that he will report to training camp in July? I thought the 'big-to-do" was that he wasnt even going to show for training camp.
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I still have my miami dolphins helmet that I use to play with on Satalite Beach. But that was a long time ago. It sounds like you will have that jersey just as long ( oh thats perfect, and its orange too! ) Been a fan for a long time. Seen people come and go. Maybe I'm too much of a loyalist. Hope you have a good weekend too.
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Oh I was just kidding around that last year we trade chris to chargers for a 2nd round pick, and this year we could get him back. Because it is a different group of guys in charge. One mans treasure is another mans trash.
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Chargers: we will trade you Chris Chambers for Taylor straight up Dolphins: Do we know anything about this guy? He must be worth a second round pick.
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