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If that's a summary of "conservative thought", conservative thought is ignorant of reality. All people aren't "assets". In what way were the Tsarnaev brothers "assets"? People are different. A common sense immigration policy would acknowledge that, and seek to admit those who would make the country better off and not worse off.
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Judge, This observation of yours is pretty dated: "higher pay for factory work is compensation for the fact that such work tends to be strenuous, monotonous, dirty or unhealthful, and dangerous." Have you seen a modern auto factory? They are so clean and safe that Mercedes USA offers tours of them. And working in a factory is no more monotonous than working in a typical service sector job and no more strenuous (probably less strenuous) than lower paid work unloading pallets and stocking shelves in a big box retail store. Concerns about the loss of manufacturing jobs are not exaggerated. When a worker goes from making $20 per hour in a factor to $10 per hour in a big box retailer, he's not the only one whose livelihood takes a hit. He has less money to spend now, so jobs in other sectors that his spending supported suffer too. In addition, he is less likely to be a net federal tax payer at the lower wage.
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Sounds like it turned out to be a trip to remember. OT: Does your husband have a blog? Curious what his thoughts are on the situation in Egypt.
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Oct 25, 2010