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So the Miami Herald is reporting that Riley reached out to Iverson yesterday and told him that the Heat is still interested in exploring the possibility of adding him.
So why the continued insistence by Riley that Rio remain our starter? He has shown some flashes of promise and remains a viable complement to Wade, but yet retains deficiencies in passing and gets scorched with his lateral defense.
yeah hes restricted, n no one wants to be tied down to a 3pt 17% guard next to Wade. Posted by: HowardDunk | July 31, 2009 at 07:46 PM I wouldn't be so sure. He might be restricted, but he still does have room for improvement at 23. With the Buck committing to Warrick they seem to be resigned to letting him go. Plus his ability to facilitate is quite remarkable. Next to Wade that skill shouldn't be undervalued. He was averaging about 12&5 playing a large segment of the season second on the depth cart.He's intriguing.
So Pat Riley has decided to cancel his meeting with Tinsley... So perhaps Ramon Sessions is in play?
So the Miami Heat officially re-signed Jamal Magloire
odom will be a heat within 5 days; boozer will be within 7 days. Posted by: doctorb | July 17, 2009 at 11:20 AM Do you have a credible source to back-up your statement doc?