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Looks like if you tilt it enough, they may actually slide off. Thats only if the waiter is drunk enough.
Soo sad... I kinda grew out of my gundam collection. That was a not so painful transition of going further into life.
YAY! Laura Ling is back! I love her documentaries in National geographic! I hope she is ok though... North Korean work is quite hazardous to human health.
Im so jealous... even if you dont have internet. Have a nice trip!
I thought the president of nintendo was the richest guy in Japan. Then again, that was a couple of years ago.
Toggle Commented Jun 29, 2009 on Uniqlo might buy the GAP at TOKYOMANGO
With all that white and pink I thought there would at least be ONE Hello Kitty sticker...
Toggle Commented Jun 27, 2009 on Gundam decked out in pink jewels at TOKYOMANGO
See! Dogs are evolving into two legged creatures!
Toggle Commented Jun 18, 2009 on Video: Dog does squats with owner at TOKYOMANGO
Why doesnt anything this good come to New York? Where can I get my own samurai armor?
I gotta get me one of those right away!!!
I could imagine a creative story about a guy reading on toilet paper while in the bathroom, and all of a sudden a ghost grabs him from the toilet and... you could imagine the horrors...
can you imagine the kid!?! Mom!?!? Mom?!? His eyes would scar the image in his head...
Wow... Well I was recently watching this... I doubt Korea can attack, unless they divert all their power to the nulcear research. All I see is them sending waves of people.
So do they keep track of them after they graduate, or do the students have to give them back....
I am guessing it helps increase aim, getting closer to the target, but if you cant aim after peeing the same way since you've been born, then something is terribly wrong. Go to a doctor and get a cat scan.
Could you imagine if he was just lucky?
Its so... Beautiful...
technically you dont see his face... so you dont really know who this is...
Wow... Yeah... Hope he's OK.
I will stick to stying in New York thank you very much. I dont think its worth to go all the way overthere just to see guys mastrubate.