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I just came back to comment on the same thing! That description is ridiculous.
Toggle Commented Apr 28, 2011 on Are your TBR lists handy? at bookshelves of doom
I agree with majorie & Wonderfallz re: Peeta. I'm warming to the idea, because Hutcherson, at least, can act, had read the books, and loves the character. And he has a kind of cute, goofy smile that seems pretty Peeta-like to me: But Hemsworth looks a horrible dudebro, which is the complete OPPOSITE of Gale. I'm trying to remain open-minded. And yeah, at least it's not Pettyfer...
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on So... at bookshelves of doom
Oh boy. I've may have read worse, but I've definitely read better. Excited to see what you think though!
And you had me at the Dark Is Rising. This sounds a like a fun one!
Toggle Commented Mar 30, 2011 on Possessed -- Kate Cann at bookshelves of doom
The library where I have my internship has a Nook and a Sony eReader - I think I like the eReader better, although I haven't played with it too much. It's touch-screen page-turn functionality is much better than the Nook's, at least, although I think either of them would be fine. And good for you for not getting a Kindle! I feel like Amazon is really just being a jerk by not playing nice with libraries and I'd like it if they felt the pain of that jerkiness. If you'd like to feel extra vindicated, check out this article on Amazon's effect on the publishing market:
I agreed that "olive skin and dark hair" is pretty open re: ethnicity. I'm a burn-then-tan kind of peach color, but my sister and dad have been described as "olive" my whole life. I prefer the idea of casting unknowns (but sadly, no one in Hollywood is asking me). And with regards to whitewashing, I'm much more concerned about Rue-she's definitely a character of color, and it doesn't seem un-Hollywood to me too just cast the "cutest" darn twelve year old they can find, regardless (or maybe in opposition to) how the character's actually described.
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Sep 14, 2010