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Such a big deal was made last year by ESPN and probably most local reporters fudging around for a "scoop" about Lance Briggs wanting out of Chicago. What happened? He signed a deal aand is still a Bear! Some of the reporters around today might as well work for entertainment tonight because all they do is gossip. With that said, I think it would be stupid for Parcells to let him go THIS year. Get one more good year out of him, then trade him. If he decides to not play or not play well, that only hurts his stock. he would have to play at pro-bowl caliber in order to warrant a trade to a contender such as Jax. or Dallas. This also allows the younger kids an opportunity to develop without AS MUCH pressure than if they didn't have JASON TAYLOR. He is one of the best and should not be insulted by local media as the dancer that shall not be named as refered to by the knucklehead that shall not be named
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