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---"Analyzing Monsters - The Drew Peterson Saga" is the most accurate, complete and up to date book on this case. It was used as a reference in A&E's, "The Drew Peterson Biography". This case and the bigger stories emerging from it as in the Casey Anthony Family Dysfunction have a life of their own now. Innocent until proven guilty appears to be the standard for jury's but obviously not movies.
I agree that there are better places to cut funding than rehab programs. Each dollar not spent on rehab will probably cost the state $10 for the social wreckage that comes from not treating alcohol, drug, pharmaceutical and other substance and behavioral addicts and their affected family members. (ORC) should be considered at least in the interim especially if funding is cut. 30 days use of virtual luxury rehab on an equestrian center is only $195 per family. Illinois could contract for much less of course. To learn more of what is going on in Illinois read, "Analyzing Monsters - Family Cures". In any event, "Don't Let Them Die".
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Feb 22, 2011