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When your team has a player or two that are underperforming it's very simple to either bench those players or trade them but when the team is underperforming in all facets of the game then you fire the Mgr and then proceed to fire the front office person that hired such mgr.
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Great acomplishment by Dexter, with more PT he will not only shed some more weight but also shed his rust and become more athletic in his play. Very good performance, the sky is the limit Pitt. keep it up.
You all realize that theres only about a dozen posters here, at the most 24 if you double my estimation, so I suggest to you not to put too much weight on your oppinions, even though you see them in print in front of you, not many people care about what we say. Welcome Mr. Philbin to Miami and the Dolphins world. So sorry for your loss. I hope that the rebuilding of this once proud team will be a monumental task that you can devote heart and soul to. Whishing you the best, Lets go Dolphins! PS: Take a look at Henne, he seemed to be in route to a breakout season before he got injured.
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Pittman did something that The Heat has not too much of or at least has not been this succesful at. Indy's Center was in front of the rim positioning himself for a sure RBD an Pitt backed in from under the rim and pushed him clear to foul line with that big fat arse that some of you poke fun of and there was nothing but clear space for the white shirts to grab the rebound but one thing was for sure, Indy's Center was not going to grab this one. Kudos to Pitt, which he had gotten more than 6 mins of PT.
There's a reason why all these faults have not been corrected and it is the little time after the lockout, but, I'm sure that the coaching staff is looking at tape just as often as we bloggers are and that they will come up with the necessary twitches to correct them. Cole is a rotation player and 1/8 of the team, and so is Battier. Did you see him get on the floor and keep the ball away while on his knees, you can't coach that. Haslem is definetly back but showing rust from not playing in quite a long while. Give him 3 or 4 more games.
Toggle Commented Dec 28, 2011 on COLE-BLOODED! at Heat Check
Pittman showed flashes of being the answer for us as he gets in shape. If Eddy joins in the workouts and Joel gets some offense from these two by Osmosis we might be allright. I believe that Riley will make a trade to address Center after he mauls the situation over.
Toggle Commented Dec 19, 2011 on Heat 118, Magic 85: What's burning? at Heat Check
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Dec 19, 2011