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Web Posted: 02/16/2010 12:00 CST Spurs' Mason open to a trade One league executive said he expects the Spurs to make overtures at the Miami Heat, who are shopping a number of players, including power forward Udonis Haslem and small forward Dorell Wright. ----- mike wallace just also tweeted regarding heat and possible mason interest.
Toggle Commented Feb 16, 2010 on BraceGate Beasley & Ready Rio at Heat Check
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hmm. yes that is my post from that coach poll..not sure who posted that here using my screename. but thanks i guess. here is link to it though. ^^^^^^^^^^ maybe this guy will give a spotlight to the spo hate. i tried.
Spo is a joke and a mere puppet of Pat Riley. Spo talks a good game with his SAT vocabulary, but much like his excuses and speeches, all his "strategic" moves or lack-thereof are : predictable, robotic, and not desirable in a HEAD COACH. The mishandling of Beasley THIS season is one of many flaws tied to Spo. This is not motivational speaking 101, it is the NBA. This is a throw away season, thus Riley will just ride out with Spo no matter the result. Cliffnotes -Horrible and rigid substitution patters -No "feel" for the game (poor in-game decision making) -"Pack the Paint" philosophy on D that has failed over and over -No creativity on Offense: Wade on 5, high post, iso wade/beasley/ or JO, High Pick N' Roll -Does not know how to identify match-up problems or exploit match-up opportunities -All he speaks on is Defense and let's hire an assistant coach that specializes in offense and can recognize a team's strength and weaknesses so they can produce actual effective results. In closing, FIRE SPO!
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slledge has his own blog. he wants to know your opinion on Spo and others.
Despite 35 points from guard Dwyane Wade and 22 from center Jermaine O'Neal, the Heat stood ill-equipped to play into triple digits when Beasley's night was limited to 8 minutes, 28 seconds after stepping on the foot of Raptors forward Hedo Turkoglu and stumbling early in the first quarter. "They had more bullets," Wade said. ------- Spo was asked this exact question in the post game "did toronto simply have more bullets". Response: No, we couldn't stop them defensively, couldn't come up with 3 or 4 stops in a row.......
Fire Spo Wade on 5 JO provided some offense JO and Haslem torched on D, all night FIRST TIME i saw a team double wade at the top..............YOU WOULD THINK BY NOW WE WOULD HAVE SET PLAYS FOR THIS SITUATION. Spo is a joke of coach I have never liked wade as a PG Wade does his damage off the ball or with a high screen that he can manipulate from. He doesn't have the dribble or blazing speed (while dribbling) to blow by defenders when he is not coming full-speed/fastbreak mode. Hoping for some sort of trade by the deadline.
I just heard that a deal is on the table to send Amare to Miami; Gay, Wright and Haslem to Phoenix; and Beasley to Memphis. That's a lot to give up. We didn't even move a bad contract? Posted by: eddieomaha | January 27, 2010 at 05:09 PM ----- can you explain the "just heard" part. from who? link?
Putting Magloire in would be akin to putting Beasley in for scoring...too complicated for Spo to process on the fly. It is obvious Spo has to have an excel spreadsheet and a defensive matrix to make decisions. Posted by: FMB(Heat reflects Spo - SADLY) | January 27, 2010 at 03:10 PM ------- hahaah yup.
ira's replacement I am ignoring the Heat for 2 weeks to cover football. When I come back to them, my hope is that they have come to their senses on Beasley. 7:36 PM Jan 25th from Echofon RT @rizzmiggizz: Dorell Wright played 18 min. most in 4th quarter.. & hit 1 3 all game. Meanwhile ur #2 pick is wearing a towel on his head. 7:33 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Tony and EReid are great guys, but how can neither mention Beasley's absence? 7:21 PM Jan 25th from Echofon I was on board with the Beasley treatment last season. But what is purpose of this season? To play vets on expiring deals at crunch time?? 7:17 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Get Beasley in the damn game. This is just stupid. You need a shotmaker if Wade is trapped. 7:13 PM Jan 25th from Echofon I hate to say, I just called that. Reminds me of Laker game. And Finals vs. Mavs. He gets yips from line. 7:07 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Beasley needs to be in the game now. The Cavs don't respect anyone else. 7:00 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Erik needs to get another scorer in there. 6:57 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Three traps of Wade. Udonis drains 3 jumpers. Big shots. 6:50 PM Jan 25th from Echofon Spoelstra has a habit of reacting to other coach rather than dictating. 6:45 PM Jan 25th from Echofon I would get Wade back in now. Don't wait til 6 minute mark. 6:43 PM Jan 25th from Echofon
Right now Spo needs to hire an offensive coordinator...... Before tonight's game. Something like how Doc Rivers in Boston did and Mike Brown in Cleveland did.... ASAP Posted by: Pay Per View aka Dr. EVIL... | January 27, 2010 at 02:09 PM ------ I'm in...then spo can focus FULL TIME on defense..his obsession anyway...everyones happy.
Before Monday's game, Chalmers did not back away from those comments. ``I'm ready to get back that spot,'' he said. ``The team needs me back there. I want my spot back. I think there's a great chance I can get it back.'' -------- talk about needing to go to rehab.....
Q: If we do land an elite player in July, do you honestly think Spoelstra is the best man for the job? In the most far-fetched scenario, do you think he could handle Wade and LeBron together? -- Mark. A: If Mike Brown can handle LeBron and Shaq, then, yes, I think Erik could handle LeBron and Dwyane. Of course, there wouldn't be much to handle. They'd do what they'd want to do and Erik would say, "Great idea." -------- of course. this is spo's ideal job. Same scenario as right now (where he can't coach for shyt), but with 2 megastars on one team, all he has to do is sit back and read from his kindle the entire game. no coaching involved, spo's specialty.
Spoelstra defended his decision to stay with the frontcourt of Jermaine O'Neal and Udonis Haslem because they were productive late, and with Richardson because of his potential to stretch the floor with his shooting. ``Those are just decisions you have to make,'' Spoelstra said. ``You live with them. Mike will get his chance.'' Posted by: BrIx | January 27, 2010 at 01:35 AM ------- is just becoming redundant now, but sadly not obvious enough to others.. What game was spo watching??? O'Neal had a great 1st half, then like 4 2nd half pts..I am glad he was in...q rich?? 2 pts in 30 some odd mins??? ¨Ud had those 3 clutch J's with about 6 mins left and that diving lay up towards the end. Spo really treats Beaz like the problem know back in 5th grade if a group of kids were all talking during the lecture, but the teacher singles out one kid and lashes out at him/her.
Can you imagine if that had been Beasley? He won't play anymore for us because Spotard will have another excuse to play his savvy vets. Posted by: WadeLikesHisShots | January 26, 2010 at 10:25 PM ------ I'm actually surprised and glad Riley stuck with beasley through his issues. But if this was beasley, he would be traded before the deadline...which may happen anyway without the nude pics.
Dwyane Wade takes blame, seeks to make amends,0,4009346.story more stuff on how Spo tucks wade in at night etc. Wade admitted he fuhked up, but spo knows if he pisses off wade he is done.
the blog won't let me post the other links. but here is Greg Oden making the news..ron jeremy style google for better articles,0,3798070.story
"Mike will get his chance. He will," Spoelstra said. "He’s getting better. You can see it. He's making plays, he's making reads, he's being more dependable defensively. He's still young. And he's gaining more experience in these situations. The more he sees these situations, the better he'll be. The thing about it, and I understand the interest and the panic from you guys out there, three or four years from now, nobody will even remember this, that he was going through a growth period now." ------ spineless spo. can't answer a question flat out. Stop talking about defense as an excuse. Spo has been silencing the critiques with this same speech since last year. Yes mike was a huge liability on D, but he has made great strides and you saw some of that last night on D..sure he gave up a hoop or 2, who doesn't???? how many pts did his cover have last night?? hickson/williams The handling of Beasley at times is only one flaw this coach embodies. Spo is a joke and after reading the above quote i would hope even a beasley hater could see that.
"knowing you, should would you." Would I what? Posted by: eddieomaha | January 26, 2010 at 03:36 PM sorry "so would you" knowing you , so would you... talk about trades. **enters trade machine** people say i am gonna visit the eddiomaha trade machine bc you often attempt to come up with trade scenarios. that's all.
Dred, calling an Italian a 'guinea' (nigg*r) is much different than calling an Italian a 'guido' (macho) or WOP (With Out Papers). I'm just letting you know, before you say it in front of the wrong guy. Take it however you want. Posted by: eddieomaha | January 26, 2010 at 03:33 PM oh alright. makes sense fair enough. lesson learned. Thanks. lets move on, i would rather talk about trades than this and knowing you, should would you.
Tell me. Are you black, dred? Here's a little history lesson... The use of guinea as an extremely offensive ethnic slur directed against Italians or those of Italian descent is only one of several uses of this word. The earliest related form to note is Guinea negro, first recorded in the mid-eighteenth century. This referred literally to a black person from Guinea, a region on the coast of West Africa. Common in the eighteenth century in this form, by the early nineteenth century we began to see guinea used on its own (without negro) to refer to a black person. This inspired 'guinea', 'a black person' with reference to the relatively dark skin of southern Italians, who made up the majority of Italian immigrants at that time. Other racial slurs that normally refer to black people are also often applied to members of other dark-skinned groups. Posted by: eddieomaha | January 26, 2010 at 03:16 PM Nope i am not. Thank you for the history lesson. This my prior ginny history i swapped gino for tony...when i say tony the ginnie i am referencing this fictitious online character....again, describing how my whole comment is a jab at fiorentino while throwing in the Gino tie-in. If it makes you feel better, Fiorentino will from now own be Tony Soprano.
ANYWAY where is this spo??????? you will be shocked to hear him speak about "offensive skill development". this pre- purity/grit era obviously. offense is important??
“Tony The Ginnie talk his usual trash...ex: before the game started "shaq recently reached a career high 28pt milestone".......when it was 28,000 pts..the guy belongs on the Jersey Shore...actually that is an insult to the Jersey Shore cast.” Nice. I guess it’s ok to make racial remarks about Italians now? Posted by: eddieomaha | January 26, 2010 at 03:09 PM so now the internet has morals standards ethics etc........i am sorry if you can't take sarcasm, nor a joke. tony the ginnie is still trash..or if you prefer tony' is a joke..not directed at you..nor did i single out an entire population...merely tony. Jersey shore IMO should not be banned etc.....the guidos exist..hiding out or saying it is disgrace to italians is being is a guido less italian than a non guido....whatever.
haha found this while searching for Spo's post game interview vs cavs