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Drew Hoover
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" hot she could be a sauce." Love it! It's true, only real gangsters watch these flicks. That being said, I've only watched 2 of the 10, so what does that make me? Also, If you can watch The Notebook w/o shedding a tear, you've got no soul! Good lookin' on the the list though, I need a plan this weekend when I try to get out of watching "Bridesmaids" for the 100th time. I was beginning to run out of ideas. You've just bought me 10 more weeks. Thanks brother! Next time she wants to watch it, Imma show her the list. She'll say.. "Who put this thing together?" I'll say, "Kyle, that's who! Who do I trust? Kyle!" So ganster
LMAO at picturing Bruce Wayne sippin' on a glass of rasburry ice teeeeeaaa. Going to watch that video again, forgot all about it. I've considered starting a blog, but ultimately decided I'm probably not that interesting. Lets face it, it's easier to put in my $.02 and ride the Dark Kyle's coattail.
Toggle Commented Jul 31, 2011 on The Dark Kyle Rises at The Underlying Blog
Looking forward to the new Batman flick, but I will straight walk out of the theater if Christian Bale's voice gets deeper and more gravelly as the movie progresses. There's a fine example of a great actor receiving terrible advice. Also, when I see a driver talking, sans passenger, I'm convinced they are bat shit crazy, and immediately switch lanes. What are these bluetooth things I hear about anyway? And to answer your first question, good god yes! As a band or artist, all integrity must be out the window to license a song for a tent-pitching commercial. I say by the time we are in that target demographic the pharmaceutical companies will have moved on from rock 'n roll and blues to techno or dubstep. If those ads are still legal. Shouldn't be, at least not in the daytime! Oh, and was that you who just did a fly-by in the F-16? You look good in a fighter jet, Maverick.
Toggle Commented Jul 29, 2011 on The Dark Kyle Rises at The Underlying Blog
Perhaps you could inspire Bron by giving him a mental map.. or four. Although, helping him may lead to all of Ohio hating you, and thriving off of your failures (Kyle fail? Yea.. right!) You are preaching to the choir with the Chipotle and Sundress references, but Paris? Couldn't find a classier heiress? Anyways, always look forward to your blog, keep up the solid work. Don't take your talents to South Beach and skip July's post.
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Jun 30, 2011