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When did I say Quebec was like Wales? That was another poster who called them both nations? Which Quebec isn't.
I know that they are member states, but the term that was being used was country. Sorry we can break it down further, but the point of this argument was regards to Cardiff and Swansea competing in the EPL and players being eligible to play in a different country/nation/member state or what ever you want to call it right now. Quebec was a great example of why your definition is incorrect.. BTW
@Shane They are a country in what sense? They don't have Welsh passports, or a member state with the UN. The only country listed is UK and Northern Ireland. I have been to Wales and love the Welsh people, but technically it isn't a different country in terms of work etc..
Wales is not a country. My wife is from there, they are a part of the UK. They do have their own FIFA credentials, so it is a bit confusing.
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Mar 25, 2011