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I'm a homeschooling mom of 4 boys ~ 18, 13, 11 and just born 5/26/13!
Interests: My interests include my family, my faith, home education, nature study, reading, journaling, planners, baking, crafts ... and coffee!
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Happy Sunday, my friends! I hope this note finds you well. I'm popping in this morning to let you all know I'll be unable to post/comment for a few days. My laptop is in dire need of a new hard... Continue reading
Posted Oct 12, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
I loved reading all your wonderful comments - and recipe suggestions! Thank you all for taking the time to "report in" on my apple query. :) I am going to make some apple butter I think in my crockpot this weekend ... should make the house smell fantastic! I myself love an apple hand pie (or turnover) but Bill really loves crisp, so that's what I made last weekend. I couldn't find my King Arthur Flour cookbook (still packed somewhere!) so I looked on my blog and found a maple apple crisp I made a few years back. It was very good! Thanks again, everyone!
Jennifer, here's a recipe I just pinned yesterday for apple cider "muffins" ... I haven't tried it yet but it sounds good! :)
"Every leaf speaks bliss to me ... 🍂 ... Fluttering from the autumn tree." * Lines above from "Fall, leaves, fall" by Emily Bronte ❤ It's a mild and blustery day here, beautiful weather for this time of year! We... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Thank you, all! I am enjoying the look of this calendar more than I am the function. It's a bit too bright and busy for Earlybird, I think. But we'll keep it up and see if I can adjust it a bit here and there. :) Shirley Ann - I cannot WAIT for Downton to begin here! I think it's right after Christmas which will be something fun to look forward to! And Jen, I will have to check out the Last Tango in Halifax. Goodness, I love BBC shows! :) We watched Outlander on Starz and enjoyed it very much (note: it's NOT for the kids! lol) I'm now reading the first book in that series. Hope you all have a *wonderful* October!
Thank you very much, ladies, for your kind comments and support - and prayers! And thank you for sharing about your children, too. Sensory issues are very challenging because they can really limit a child's activity/experiences. I was once told that every one of us has sensory issues to some degree, but for some people it can be debilitating. I pray that all children with these special needs have someone in their life who can help them work through/around them. Blessings to you all!
Toggle Commented Oct 6, 2014 on Angels Around Us at By Sun and Candlelight
Thank you, Penny and Christine! :)
And what a season it is here in New England - with its crisp air and blue skies and colorful leaves - I can't get enough! Pumpkins might be all the rage, but my heart will always belong to the... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Watching the birds (and chipmunks) on the deck, a favorite pastime. :) Happy Friday, my friends! Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Happy Thursday, my friends! Today is the Memorial of the Guardian Angels, another lovely feast day in the October calendar. We have very simple plans ... The "Angel of God" prayer was my maternal grandmother's favorite prayer, and she taught... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
And that calls for a new classroom calendar! :) I haven't filled in the post-it notes yet ... that will happen later today. But off the top of my head, here are some of the things I'm looking forward to... Continue reading
Posted Oct 1, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Thank you all for the advice and compassion! I will try some of the methods you all suggested (particularly the distraction and take it slow). This is only the second time I've had mastitis - I had it when LB was 2 months and it was a bit more severe that time. This time I recognized the symptoms earlier and called my midwife office right away. It was the same kind of situation as last time - I was a quite stressed and run down (last time was Bookworm's college orientation, an all-day/overnight affair I was quite anxious about) and this time was Earlybird's neurology appointment in Boston (similarly stressed out). Each time was also a day when I wore an uncomfortable bra (not my usual) and also didn't nurse as usual. I think those factors all led to a bout with infection. I'm sure the meds will knock it out quickly as it did last year ... Enjoy your week, everyone! And thanks, again ... :)
Toggle Commented Sep 30, 2014 on A Week of Feasts Ahead ... at By Sun and Candlelight
Blessings to all on this beautiful Michaelmas Day! This gorgeous statue resides in one of the academic halls at Boston College, where our Bookworm is a sophomore this year. He sent this photo to me last year, and all I... Continue reading
Posted Sep 29, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Leah, I must confess, a few days into the spiral bound notebook I was unhappy - not with the planning design (that's working great so far) but with the book itself. It felt so heavy and cumbersome - Plus it was just one more thing I had open on my counter ... So for now I am using loose leaf pages and inserting them into my binder. I keep them in the spot where I am currently journaling - and all of that is just in front of my monthly/seasonal section. All the home keeping sections have been moved out into individual binders as seen above. I know I have been slow but I will post about it all soon!
Thank you all for sharing your autumn love with me! i so enjoy hearing how seasons are celebrated across the world. I love living in a place where we have distinct seasons because there are so many joys to be found in each one!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2014 on Happy Fall, My Friends! at By Sun and Candlelight
Penny, the kitties are doing very well, thank you for asking! They had their annual check up last month and everything looked good. Archie was a bit of a terror but that was to be expected, lol. They spend their days watching chipmunks on the patio, napping in baskets and avoiding the toddler as best they can ... nights are spent sleeping on my feet. :) Hope all is well with you my friend!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2014 on Feeling Septemberish ... at By Sun and Candlelight
Thank you everyone for all these lovely comments! I can hardly believe we'll be feeling "Octoberish" in just a few days!
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2014 on Feeling Septemberish ... at By Sun and Candlelight
Amy, how wonderful!! Every little step is a reason to rejoice! Thank you for sharing your excitement! Our Earlybird had a neurology appointment on Friday - in Boston at Children's Hospital - and these are always such an ordeal but I am happy to report he did GREAT! My dad came in with us and provided that little extra support we all needed and EB was so well behaved and sweet. Such a relief for us all! Blessings to you, Amy! :)
Toggle Commented Sep 29, 2014 on Feeling Septemberish ... at By Sun and Candlelight
"I guess I'm just feeling Septemberish," sighed Chester. "It's getting towards autumn now. And it's so pretty up in Connecticut. All the trees change color. The days get very clear - with a little smoke on the horizon from burning... Continue reading
Posted Sep 26, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Tanya, I'm not actually using a computer at the moment to design my pages ... though I will get there eventually! I've actually been creating a "prototype" in a spiral bound notebook (200 pages) so I can see how a daily page works best for me before driving myself nuts trying to get the design just right! I'm extremely illiterate when it comes to using the computer for this kind of thing, so I'm hoping to enlist the help of Bill and my older boys when I'm ready to create my own pages ... I will be sure to share what I find out! Blessings to you, my friend! :)
Leslie, I've heard good things about these scones ... haven't tried making them myself but I am planning to very soon! :)
Now, technically, we're still enjoying the last few hours of Summer - sunny and breezy here today - but I spy some Autumn bits at our table today ... (Teacher's treat at the end of the day.) 🍂 What do... Continue reading
Posted Sep 22, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight
Oh my goodness, thank you all for so many wonderful, detailed comments! I just LOVE talking about this and am always listening with an open ear to see if there's something that might work for me. I smile at how many of you seem to be using apps as well as paper planning tools. I have not really gravitated toward the phone yet but I do think using it for my grocery list might be wise. Easier to tote and check as I shop ... I did something crazy this weekend - bought a spiral bound notebook and started turning it into a daily planner. As a prototype of course. Just to get the feel of it and see what works for me ... I'll post about it soon! Thanks again all, and Penny, enjoy your Autumn! See you in November!! :) ~ Dawn
Hooray for pumpkins!! :) Thank you for these lovely comments, everyone! Mary, thank you for sharing the pie recipe. I love cooking with molasses - great source of iron!! (And I too love baking acorn squash with syrup or perhaps some brown sugar and butter ... mmm!) Leah, my husband and I were also married at the end of October (23rd) ... it was a crisp, bright fall day! :) And Leslie, I will have to look for the pumpkin scone recipe I found years ago. I haven't made it in forever but it was very good. I buy scones now and again from a local farm and they are so delicious with a little butter and a hot cup of tea!! I also wanted to add, that a couple of years ago I had "pumpkin juice" in Harry Potter World at Universal Studios and it was very yummy! :) Have a great day, everyone!
Happy Wednesday, my friends! I hope this post finds you well. :) Recently I've been working on a personalized daily planner - something I'll print out and have spiral bound - and as I create draft after draft, and change... Continue reading
Posted Sep 17, 2014 at By Sun and Candlelight