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Diana Im sure you would love them. I read The Tenderness of Wolves twice, not something I normally do, and could certainly re-read this too. Highly recommended. Glad things are going better for you.
Glad you agree Martin. And what a treat if you get to meet her! Look forward to hearing if thats going to happen.
Nice image Helen - and so you are, metaphorically speaking. Your review certainly made me want to read the Essex Serpent (though I havent, yet...)
Toggle Commented Nov 24, 2016 on Costa Novel Shortlist 2016 at Harriet Devine's Blog
No, not gory and violent. Hope you enjoy, Helen
I wondered about the colour too Joan. Just realised too that the phrase could be translated as The Return from the Sea - in which case perhaps her husband has turned up rather unwelcome and interrupted her reading of the book>
Toggle Commented Nov 20, 2016 on Woman with Book at Harriet Devine's Blog
I love it too, Grace
Toggle Commented Nov 15, 2016 on Young Girl Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
Michelle I think if you liked Quincy youd almost certainly like this series. It focuses very much on the science, and is not really what you;d call gory, though of course dead bodies are involved! Id suggest you try one of the earlier novels, which are very lively and entertaining, and see how you go with that. You might be hooked!
Not surprised - excellent stuff!
It certainly is, Liz. I think it's going to be huge success.
Sure you'll love it Ali!
Havent read that one, Carol - must look out for it. Hope you enjoy Private Papers!
You really should, Annabel -- its brilliant!
Yes Liz it is so brilliant. I've tried a couple of his other novels and haven't liked them as much, but he was obviously a terrific writer.
Oh Claire I hope you do. Everyone should read it!!!
Well done indeed and many thanks!
Toggle Commented Oct 16, 2016 on Woman with Book at Harriet Devine's Blog
Yes, I wondered that when I got the point about Hamlet, but obviously it isnt, though it could easily have been. I havent read any of them, apart from an attempt at Shylock, which I didnt like.
Toggle Commented Oct 1, 2016 on Nutshell by Ian McEwan at Harriet Devine's Blog
Im just about to start the second in the series myself, Carol. Really looking forward to it. Glad to hear you loved it!
Glad to find a fellow fan Carol and great to have discovered a new series. Lots still to look forward to.
Hope you love Longbourn Susan. I was really impressed with it.
Im not a lover of spin-offs either Helen. But I did love Longbourn. Now and again they can be really good, obviously.
Its great to have discovered it! and yes Fiona is an excellent character. I love Nicola Upson too.
The TV series was pretty memorable, Helen. But the book is even better needless to say. Sicily is wonderful - well worth a visit.
Yes indeed Virginia Daughter of Time is amazing. Its ages since I read it, but it had me totally convinced. Time I dug that one out - thanks for the reminder.
It is a great novel Lyn - glad it worked well on audio too. Ive just discovered the TV version on YOuTube and have been watching that - pretty true to the book and well worth a look.
Marvell is one of my favourite poets and this is a lovely poem. Your analysis is spot on too. Thanks!
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