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I know just how you feel!
I didnt realise that it was now only in ebook form. I bought a used copy from Amazon so obviously it was in print once upon a time.
Ruth I loved an Episode of Sparrows - I think it was the first of hers I read.
Susan it would make a great TV adaptation. Apparently there is a film but by the sound of it it must be different from the novel - Rob has become an Italian, played by Rossano Brazzi. Ive no desire to see it.
I love those two as well, Liz. And yes, the Lakes - I didnt say so in my review but the novel made me long for an Italian summer.
Thanks Mystica. I plan to catch up with the ones I havent yet read.
Hope you enjoy it Carol!
It really is Carol - Im sure youll enjoy it, and your children too. What a chance to meet the author herself!
Ali Ive read three of the same ones as you - only Breakfast with the Nikolides to go! I think you will love this one - look forward to hearing what you think.
Nine cats does sound like a lot Joan. I love them too but the most Ive had at one time is a mother and three kittens. Now down to two, and love them both to bits. Cat paintings are great and this is a lovely one.
Toggle Commented May 19, 2017 on Cat Painting at Harriet Devine's Blog
Glad you enjoyed it, Carol. She is a great writer. You must try The Devil and Webster, her most recent one!
Yes I agree Helen. I think its the artists wife or his sister which might explain the naturalness.
Toggle Commented May 17, 2017 on Woman Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
Thanks, Susan. Nice to know they are having an afterlife on Pinterest. She does look cosy, doesn't she!
Toggle Commented May 14, 2017 on Woman Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
Thats Joan. Yes, I always wonder what they are reading, and I love paintings which seem to have stories attached, if only we knew what they were.
Toggle Commented May 14, 2017 on Woman Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
Yes that's true Carol - you can feel a real link with people who may have lived hundreds of years ago!
Toggle Commented May 14, 2017 on Woman Reading at Harriet Devine's Blog
Well! I knew about the RIII Society but hadnt realised it was inspired by the novel. Im not surprised!
Helen Im delighted to find another lover of Innes. Im on my third in a row now (must stop soon) and am just amazed at his energy, imagination and creativity - he wrote non-fiction books too, and other non-crime fiction. Astonishing.
I dont know them, Virginia. Must keep an eye out. Glad to meet another Appleby fan.
Yes it is a campus novel, and so is her latest, which will be popping up on Shiny fairly soon! Well worth reading.
It probably was fine if you hadnt read the book. But it was so very much mucked about with, and spoiled so much of the subtleties and intricacies of the plot that I was really upset!
Yes, this is the novel Ive just reviewed for Shiny - I absolutely loved it.
Oh Virginia I re-read Brat Farrar quite recently and thought it was wonderful. What an amazing novelist she was. And what a great idea to teach this together with Shakespeare - no wonder the students loved it.
Ruth I am a huge fan of Nicola Upson and have read all the books - made all the more interesting to me as there are characters who are based on my mother and aunt (the Motley sisters). I hope there's another one of these on the way but maybe not as Tey died so young?
Yes Annabel I saw the link to your review of this on your 1951 post - glad we agree!
I read these a month or two ago and loved them both. I'd be happy to read more Bellairs. Thanks.