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I know just how you feel, and that quote about those bored with science and why their heads don't explode is priceless. Actually, I can't understand why those privileged enough to study things like "superposition" for a living manage to keep their feet on the ground. Many of the colleagues do seem to be in a semi-permanent state of bliss. No wonder Professor Einstein couldn't be bothered by doorknobs, and was still, after twenty years at Princeton, stopping undergrads on Campus to direct him to his office or classroom. It appears to me, after reading this, that the elephant in the conference, namely the inconvenient fact that no one has, as yet, managed to detect a Gravity Wave, despite reaching well past the point when our best estimates said they would be, is finally creeping into the conversation. We're overdue for a revolution that shakes the pillars of orthodoxy. Bell and all the rest planted the seeds with entanglement, proving it now at least as well as the confirmations of Einstein's work. Wouldn't it be something if soon, some bright, blissful scientist has a moment of clarity and figures out that Gravity, after all is said and done, is just a manifestation of the superpositioning of particles left over from the Big Bang? The idea is ridiculous, of course. But it's certainly a delight to the imagination.
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