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I've used SSDs. I know what they're like, and for laptops I would use nothing else on account of the greater physical robustness. But I can't agree with the "Crazy/Hot" scale. The fact of the matter is, outside a few corner cases, SSDs for desktop storage don't provide any particularly useful performance advantage. OK, your system boots faster. This will add up to entire minutes saved up over an entire year! I will lose more time to having to replace faulty disks, restore from backup, and redo work lost since the prior backup, than an SSD will ever save. The SSD will save a few second a day. The failure will cause downtime of several days. That's simply not a good trade-off. I mean, sure, if I were compiling Linux kernels or Chrome all day, every day, then yes, I would probably get a net time win from using the SSD. But I'm not; nor are most people. Continuous high levels of random I/O just aren't a common workload. SSDs as a cache or scratch area are, however, another story. If the SSD fails, you just lose the cache--a performance issue, not a correctness issue. That's a much more favourable outcome.
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May 2, 2011