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I wish the broadcast nets just went back to producing good longform programming so they can get back in the mix. But the idea of a separate show is interesting. I think keeping the awards on the main show is fine, but not the way they did it this year. The show's first two hours were fast paced this year and the when they came to the variety and even more so the movie/mini categories, the show just fell flat. The dividing into Comedy, Drama, Reality (now just one award), Variety, and Movie/Mini is a good idea, but I think they should've sandwiched the longform categories in between Comedy and Drama. They could even alternate year to year which goes first, Comedy or Drama categories, while keeping the Series and maybe the Lead acting categories at the end.
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Friday Night Lights is credited solely to DirecTV as its network I believe. So that would technically be four more for NBC. Or if we were to split the credit, 2 for DirecTV and 2 for NBC. Which would put NBC above Fox. :D
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Jul 8, 2010