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David Corbin & Nan Moss
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Light is everywhere. The Sun is high and hot and insistent. All life is teeming with growth and creative frenzy. This is the time we are closest to the creative force – as if we have a direct connection to the source of all, so abundant that it is hard to contain, so compelling that we must create. Continue reading
Posted Jun 21, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2012 Nan Moss It’s the season of Fog on the Maine coast – here now, and perhaps paying attention to what might be said. Fog probably remembers the time I stomped and yelled at it – and hopefully remembers all the other more respectful, appreciative moments. Woke up the other... Continue reading
Posted Jun 14, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
“What if the wind were to stop?” Would birds fly far – if at all? Would sounds from over there reach our ears? Would trees grow strong without the daily ‘exercise’ and occasional thrashing from Wind? Would clouds still move across the sky if Wind did not push or pull them? And would there still be clouds on a windless planet? Continue reading
Posted Jun 7, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2012 Nan Moss "The weather is always doing something new... always getting up new designs and trying them on people to see how they will go. But it gets through more business in spring than in any other season. In the spring I have counted one hundred and thirty six... Continue reading
Posted May 31, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
May the Wind tell you its secrets. May the Sun fill you with gladness. Continue reading
Posted May 24, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
How much do we miss by not looking? By not seeing what is right in front of us? The world is always speaking to us, if only we will listen. Continue reading
Posted May 17, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
“Look when the clouds are blowing And all the winds are free; In fury of their going They fall upon the sea... Continue reading
Posted May 10, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
As is all things, wind too, is alive. It has consciousness and awareness, and purpose beyond what we can imagine… Continue reading
Posted May 3, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
To peoples all over the world, past and present, at least to those who live with an expanded world-view, what many think of as simply “stones” and “winds” are actually alive and part of each and all of us. Continue reading
Posted Apr 26, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
How can you not feel it? The rapidly warming sun stimulates the rise of life force. The urge to grow is everywhere, bursts of color appearing where there was only bare earth (or snow!), buds becoming leaves, blades of grass waking up… Continue reading
Posted Apr 19, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Musings on the importance of our world-view – how we are not encouraged to see weather as “accessible,” especially at a personal level. And reflecting on how all we can do is start – and continue – offering the gift of our attention to weather, as if we can reach one another, make contact. Continue reading
Posted Apr 12, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Much happens when weather seems to be odd — a time of power, released gradually — not all at once like a storm — seeping into the earth and into us. Continue reading
Posted Apr 5, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
“Be prepared for anything. Assume nothing. Align with what comes. Remember: openness and alignment.” Continue reading
Posted Mar 29, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Sabrina Joy! Thanks so much for all of your comments - and I forwarded this one to Steve. So glad to share Earth space with you! Happy Spring! Oh we heard the spring peepers last night - wow! Blessings, Nan
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2012 on A Measure of Compassion... at Weather Thor's day
So the way I choose to see it, this storm and tornado had conscious awareness, awareness of connection and a measure of compassion in releasing its massive amounts of energy. Let me explain as best I can. Continue reading
Posted Mar 22, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Who among us will mourn the passing of winter? Most celebrate at this time. Whoever among us truly appreciates the dark, the cold, the rigors and storms of winter? Perhaps it takes the withholding of winter’s gifts to refresh our appreciation – as we contemplate the coming summer. Continue reading
Posted Mar 15, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Tragedy – personal, familial, national, world-wide – the tragic circumstance, along with great personal loss, is part of the nature of Life on our planet. Continue reading
Posted Mar 8, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
A dance of Ocean and Atmosphere... Kin to one another – nearly one and the same, One and nearly the same. Continue reading
Posted Mar 1, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2012 Nan Moss Weather (by Gabriel Klapman) The Earth is weather’s written form. The drops of rain caught by the leaves marks its recent history That is now too. The wind, the sun – those are weather now. And so are all the green creatures which grow from rain. And... Continue reading
Posted Feb 23, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Aside from what we want for weddings and picnics, how would it be if it rained when it was needed, was warm (not too hot) in the summer, cold (not frigid) in winter, with beautiful spring days and crisp autumn mornings in between? Continue reading
Posted Feb 16, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2012 Nan Moss Big Wind blustered into town three days ago. A visitor from the East, no relative of Pacific storm winds or home-grown breezes. No manners, either. Hungry wind – famished, you could say. Devouring whatever however it can – branches, hats, dry leaves, trash, trees, porch rockers –... Continue reading
Posted Feb 9, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2004 Nan Moss Last week we spoke of some interesting activity around our Weather Dancing workshop in Kentucky. Here one participant's account of the dance! Weather Journey (Mary Keswani, Louisville, KY) Tuesday January 17, 2012 the wind was very strong and weather obviously had work to do. The temperature was... Continue reading
Posted Feb 2, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
So what about “tornadoes, light bulbs, and weather dancers…”? A seemingly random clustering of events occurred around last weekend, where hindsight begins to reveal a first rate alignment that holds inspiration as well as mystery Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
Dark, swirling, mass of me, My innards have no covering. I will have nothing of subtle delicacies, Continue reading
Posted Jan 19, 2012 at Weather Thor's day
©2011 Nan Moss Where oh where is winter? A common wondering (and lament if you’re a skier) these days. It’s ironic that we write this at the start of the first real winter storm for New England since October’s big surprise. About 7 inches of snowfall is predicted for northern... Continue reading
Posted Jan 12, 2012 at Weather Thor's day