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I once implemented a full justice system on a forum. Mods (police) would give tickets to the troublemakers citing a reason and link to offending post. Then the user was prompted to plead guilty or innocent. If guilty they would be fined (currency/reputation), and if innocent a forum post would be created in Court where they could plead their case. Mods would then vote for majority guilty/innocent or an admin/Judge could make a final ruling. If a user can't afford their fine, they are jailed, where they can only post in the Prison forum until their time is up (time and fine increased with each infraction). It actually worked really well and was a fun experiment. Only problem was that some people intentionally got in trouble to talk to inmates, so I had to implement a limited use "Just Visiting" card.
Toggle Commented Jun 5, 2011 on Suspension, Ban or Hellban? at Coding Horror
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Jun 4, 2011