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Dee Langston
Elizabeth City, N.C.
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When my kids were young I always planted a "grazing garden," sometimes with their help, sometimes without. The mainstays were sugar snap peas in spring and fall, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, berries and later figs. All I had to do was suggest that they pick the vegetables and bring them inside for dinner, and instead they would pick them and eat them before they came inside. It was all organic, so who cared if it was washed? They never seemed to eat veggies for dinner, but thrived on garden snacks.
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I think most people disagree with the health care plan because they don't know enough about it. Like mandatory coverage -- what about people who are broke and unemployed? Who decides how much they must pay? But I agree that gardening can help keep you mentally, physically, and spiritually healthy. It keeps me sane, allows me to grow muscle and groceries, and gives me a quiet place to contemplate the nature of things bigger than me.
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Sep 24, 2010