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Congrats to a fellow longtime Kings fan and goalie as well (street game, and I sucked). Thought I saw you on the Forum concourse a few times, or maybe it was that bully kid from "The Wonder Years." Cynical from watching years of Kings hockey, I never expected to see this day. The Chicago Cubs winning the World Series probably had better odds than the Kings winning the Stanley Cup. Nor did I expect to see them win in a dominating style akin to putting EA Sports' NHL games on easy mode. Can't blame you for the geek stampede and the kazoo. By the way, sweet Vachon jersey. Was going to get my '70s-era solid purple one lettered for that bloke. I also have this NJ Devils jersey I bought years ago that I was going to get Brodeur's name on, but never got around to it. Now I might opt for Bernier, for his efforts.
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Jun 12, 2012