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world music publicist / music industry consultant
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There is no charge to add your showcase listing to the Unofficial Guide. Thank you.
HI Josh, This is a mobile website so it should work on any platform. Try Safari, Chrome, or Firefox. Though this is old news since APAP was in January.
At rock paper scissors ( , we use seven Indiana University interns every semester. We are based in a small town of 80,000 have half the residents are students. They are dying for legitimate work-related experience but in a town like this it is very tough for them to find anything (especially in the music industry). We ask them to commit 10 hours per week for a full semester. Those that can commit to two semesters get higher priority and higher level assignments the second semester. Though some of the tasks are tedious, we try to ensure that they are learning about systems, computers, PR, journalism, music, website structure, database use, PhotoShop, research, office skills, problem solving, and more much of the time. If they stuff envelopes, they get paid. Otherwise, they are getting experience not money. If laws make it tougher for us to do it, we will have to change how we do things, and I think the interns will lose out more than we will. I think the value exchange is fair. My question is: why did this guy stay in this internship if he was getting exploited? Vote with your feet. Get out there and find an experience that you value. Tell jerks to shove it. No laws needed for that. Just some self respect.
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Toggle Commented Dec 10, 2012 on APAP World Music Pre-Conference at DubMC
We find that in blogging you have to misspell things. Just kidding! Thank you for letting us know about the typos; I just fixed them. And thank you for the additional ideas. Hitting multiple sources and multiple media formats is a good idea (of course!). Reaching out to press in specific cultural and linguistic communities is good to. We are not as involved with marketing like postcards/flyers, but that is certainly a piece of the puzzle for having a nice turn out to generate word of mouth that may end up in the ears of journalists and show a packed happy audience when journalists attend your events. I guess we should have made it 11 items! :) Thanks for joining the conversation! - Dmitri
Thanks, Cal! It's great to get a journalist's perspective on all this. It's a fascinating transitional time, and it's good to hear what people need and why.