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Jason Dufair
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How did these dangerous bills come to exist in the first place? There's a dark secret that Wikipedia, Google, and TED aren't telling you. WE are responsible for SOPA. When WE torrent a movie because "information wants to be free" or "Hollywood is a bunch of fat cats" we are breaking a social contract. When we hand our family member a DVD full of free books for the new Kindle they got for Christmas, we are putting a nail in the coffin of the free internet. Want to stop SOPA? Respect the rights of artists to distribute their works as they see fit. I'm no fan of SOPA/PIPA. It's draconian. And I'm even less of a fan of Son of SOPA or whatever may come next. And there's only one way to stop it. Show respect. Otherwise, we're going to get exactly what we deserve.
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Jan 20, 2012