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You can say that again! And with 'The Donald' in charge even a really poor forecaster like me can say with confidence that nobody has a clue where it will all end up. Fortunately we can comfort ourselves, if 'comfort' is quite the word, with those wise words of Donald Rumsfeld: Reports that say that something hasn't happened are always... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Watches Television? Heavens to Betsy, next thing he'll do is take up golf!
Today I am a very busy, busy angel of mercy! Last Thursday the 'Memsahib' slipped up in the kitchen and landed heavily on her backside causing her considerable pain in the lower back so she has been confined to bed and I have been promoted to Chief Cook & Bottle Washer. Unfortunately, whilst I can empty a bottle fairly quickly... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Thank you, Patty, but I hasten to add that it was not my joke. I tend not to do jokes because I always forget the punchline.
I heard you, Peter, so at your request here is a line that will make you all laugh: "In just one day, Trump got more fat women out walking than Michelle Obama did in eight years!" Er, you did all laugh, didn't you?
Not my hero, Peter, but the answer to your question, I *guess*, will depend on his whimsy and how the Clinton 'family' behave. An early retirement back to the delights of Arkansas would be a good move on their part!
@ DA: Well done, DA, living up to your reputation of always misunderstanding any point put to you. Try reading my words slowly: "both Pollard and Manning were traitors". Now pause and try to explain the reason why Obama lets off one of them whose damage was far more extensive than the other but who was, surprise-surprise, a Jew working for Israel. And that followed a sudden switch in a **50-year old foreign policy** that will do severe damage to Israel. But you tell me that anti-Semetism had no part to play! @ Max: Your script was a little too excitable for me to understand. Also, whilst I am content to own up to "old, right-wing Brit", I wonder if you could actually support with a quote "white-supremacist".
Max, both Pollard and Manning were traitors in that both supplied American secrets to foreign countries - although in Pollard's case it was to an ally. It is also interesting to note that all 'the Great and the Good' of American society, both Right and Left, appealed to Obama to at least commute Pollard's sentence, but he refused. Not too surprising given his last minute kick in the crotch to Israel! Was he anti-Semitic? No, no, no, perish the thought in such an upright, honourable, American gentleman!
With a friend like Obama who needs enemies? I am obliged to Mr. Russ Vaughn of The American Thinker who reminds us that 'Ol Big Ears', in a veritable whirlwind of legal (sort of!) activity in the last few days of his 'reign', managed to bestow pardons on more criminals, including a traitor, than the last few Presidents put together.... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I hear your call from afar, ME, but, alas, I can't stop giggling and drooling with pleasure at Obama's last, vindictive stab at 'HillBilly' and her gang. He managed, I gather, to pardon more criminals, including a traitor, than the last few Presidents added together but somehow, in some mysterious way, he forgot all about 'HillBilly', her husband, her aide Huma Abedin, and her lawyer Cheryl Mills. So they, and several other accomplices, remain wide open to further. intense investigation depending on how 'The Donald' feels every morning when he gets out of bed. 'Let slip the dogs of law', I say! And I will add a thought that I suspect the Clintons share, with a friend like Obama who needs enemies?
I know this will bounce off you, Peter, just as it regularly does off DA, Max, Marc, 'et al', but I did not wish for Trump, I merely prayed that 'HillBilly' would be defeated. So there is a God!
Another of my elliptical headings but this one is fairly simple. It stands for Rest In Perpetual Agony and is directed towards Martin McGuinness, a former mass murderer and child killer for the IRA who has announced that he is suffering with a severe illness which has been reported as being Amyloidosis. This is a very complex disease which can... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I have stood myself on the 'naughty step' because 'twas **me** that added the emphasis to the quotation of Ian Martin's text and I forgot to make that clear. However, the reason my emphasis was added was sound because all I ever read read here is the literary equivalent of wailing and gnashing of teeth added to a constant stream of vituperation which strikes me as being as sensible or useful as continually running head first into a brick wall! You can rely on Trump to make some "yuuuuuge" errors that will, eventually, bring him down but, first, you need to ask yourselves how and why you lost and, second, if you alter your policies and methods you might be in with a chance to win. Or of course, you could just continue acting as stupidly and uselessly as all those daft women marching round Washington!
Rather than my ill-informed opinion I thought you might prefer Ian Martin's from 'REACTION': "Right. Enough weeping and wailing. If you are anything like me, and admire any or some of the following Presidents of the United States, I mean Abraham Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, Calvin Coolidge, Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan, then watching the undignified nonsense that constituted Donald Trump’s inaugural address will have been a singularly depressing experience. It was a shockingly poor piece of rhetoric that channeled Mussolini, refracted through Berlusconi, all delivered by the latest carnival huckster opportunist clown to rise under the banner of populism. It was awful stuff." But he urges Trump's opponents to indulge in some **thinking and planning** rather than waste their time on pointless marches and demos. He offers five examples.
God bless The Daily Mail for offering us a photo over which we, oh alright then, I, can smirk and snigger over for the next four years - I should live so long, my life already! This was the happy teeth-grindingly miserable couple at the coronation of 'King Donald the Trump' today. I am just deeply grateful that I am... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Well, I sat through it, all of it, and I am feeling somewhat uneasy. Mind you, I am, of course, what 'The Donald' would probably think of as a typical lily-livered, English tosspot, you know, moderation in all things, not too much of this and not too much of that, either. By and large, that is the English way. So... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Try telling that to Pres. Kennedy!
Alas, John, I used to watch Fox News, and I enjoyed it, perhaps because it was so different from our own sedate broadcasters, but in the end I decided I could no longer afford to keep 'Rupe' in all those wives, so I cancelled my subscription.
And when I say "wrong", I mean really, truly, embarrassingly and even 'yuuuugely' wrong! I am grateful to Her Majesty's Daily Telegraph for this story which has had me snickering all day. See, a couple of 'Plods' were 'proceeding in a northerly direction' down this street in Bristol when they saw this black 'geezer' trying to gain entry to house.... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
An interesting and sensible approach, er, if you are on the Left, but there is one difficulty I can see. The 'Tea-Partiers' were, as far as I can judge from this distance, mostly, decent, law-abiding, middle-class people who understood the difference between good and bad behaviour. Alas, I'm not sure that would apply to all the anti-Trumpers. You suffer with a lunatic fringe who can be guaranteed to go way over the top which will simply re-enforce (small 'c') conservatives to cling to to 'good, ol' Donald'. Today, of all days, we might see a demonstration, no pun intended, of what I mean!
. . . and adopt the crash position because this could be a very bumpy ride with 'Flight Captain' Trump at the controls! In such a potentially hazardous situation, my Catholic friends would no doubt urge me to make confession and thereby cleanse my soul. Well, to hell with that, I'm not telling you lot all my dirty secrets! However,... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
(Sigh) No, Marc, I am not "putting Trump and Churchill on the same footing". I merely pointed out that powerful Presidents and Prime Ministers share a similar disability - lack of time and sometimes they require their advisors to be brief and to the point. I read your assessment of Trump and you might be right, or there again you might be wrong. In the end "that old common arbitrator, Time, will one day end it". And exactly the same thing applies to your assessment of Obama - only history will be the final judge. And by the way, I don't give a stuff whether he's white, black or polka-dot!
I came across this, er, poignant photograph as I cruised the net and I found it so touching I instantly reached for a tissue to wipe the tears from my eyes: And yes, of course, they were tears of laughter. It was the final farewell photo of 'Ol' Big Ears' staff at the White House. Correct me if I'm wrong... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
And that is the very best comment I have ever read on this blog!
DA, you still seem fixated on the idea that a high value currency is "A Good Thing", rather like those 'jocks' who sit around in football changing-rooms and boast that theirs is bigger than yours! As for your quote from the (non)Independent, which was an ardent supporter of 'Remain', another of those many 'experts' who forecast 'sturm und drang' if we voted for Brexit and which *in fact* turned out to be totally wrong, you might like to check this from the ES which shows that the Pound has risen 14.9% against the dollar since the Brexit vote. But, as I keep trying to get across to you, what goes up comes down and yet, except in extremes, life goes on! Do try and cheer up, there's a good chap!