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"Oh, what a beautiful morning": Unbelievable! It's only just turned 10.00am as I write and I have just enjoyed half an hour of sunbathing on my patio which provides me with a panoramic view over my rolling acres, er, well, my 0.026 of a rolling acre if truth be told, but still, what a joy. I'm not a fanatical sun... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
"I'm with the Mother Country and her Queen's English" Dammit, well said! I have it on very good authority that 'Her Maj' is much pleased, a 'Sir-hood' can only be a matter of time!
Yes, you guessed it, I have been gardening, although, to be honest, to define what I do as 'gardening' is like describing frying an egg as haute cuisine! Nevertheless, I have been outside for what feels like several weeks weeding, and this despite my having done it all only a month ago when I planted my bedding plants. I told... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
But perhaps, Trump will remain unusually soft and polite and give Bernie all the time and space he wants to spread his Marxist gospel loud and clear - to the detriment of 'HillBilly' before the Democrat convention which will be swamped by his young and enthusiastic and dumb adolescents. Jest sayin'!
I wondered if you would pick up on that one from 'The Kraut'! However, you seem to have missed a bit: "The policies that followed — appeasing Vladimir Putin, the Iranian mullahs, the butchers of Tiananmen Square, and lately the Castros — have advanced neither justice nor peace. On the contrary. The consequent withdrawal of American power, that agent of injustice or at least arrogant overreach, has yielded nothing but geopolitical chaos and immense human suffering. (See Syria.)" [...] "He thus leaves a double legacy. His arc-of-justice aspirations, whatever their intention, leave behind tragic geopolitical and human wreckage. Yet this belated acquiescence to realpolitik, laying the foundations for a new containment, will be an essential asset in addressing this century’s coming central challenge, the rise of China." Or, in other words, after seven and a half years of 'peace 'n' love, man', 'Ol' Big Ears' has begun to grow up!
But that's only because 'over there' you do not have an 'upper class' and so anyone who earns above the median counts as 'middle class'!
And your point is - what, exactly?
Today, in what must count as the least surprising news since that American cyclist was found to glow in the dark, a further 26 'athletes' (I use the term loosely) have been found to have taken drugs whilst taking part in the 'Our Druggies Can Beat Your Druggies' competition which takes place at tediously regular intervals every four years. My... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
True, Mitt is not the most charismatic of possible third party candidates but he does have some advantages over the others in that, first, he appears to be fairly normal; and second, he lacks a well-earned reputation as either an ignorant windbag or a lying liar!
Sorry about my absence yesterday but I was hit, not once but twice, with severe GBB - that's Galloping Brain Boggling for those of you unfamiliar with the latest in 'medical-speak'. The first attack of GBB occurred, of all unexpected places, at my local PROBUS club - and I've told you before that I am not entirely sure what 'PROBUS'... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I trust, Sir, that your beloved daughter is not attending the, er, 'University' of New Hampshire!
Do you know, Peter, you're sounding more and more like 'HillBilly'! Anyway, you confirm my suggestion above.
So let me get this right, what you are saying is that rules are rules but only for, er, the ordinary people. Is that democratic socialism at work?
"Hillary is hurting because of Bernie". Er, no, Hillary is hurting because of Hillary!
"It will go away, just as soon as Hillary" - become POTUS!
I don't normally speak to 'Son of Duff' like that because I have always been a gentle, understanding and very tolerant, easy-going Dad - sorry, did you say something, 'SoD'? However, since this referendum kicked off I have been forced to read his fairy-tales in my 'comments box' in which he insists that all those pols in Westminster and Brussels... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I'm sorry to have to report that my e-pal and regular commentator, 'JK', now has severe competition for the title of handsomest stud from Arkansas. Of course, it goes without saying that for years 'JK' has effortlessly maintained his superiority over the other puny studs to be found in the lovely state of Arkansas - where, according to rumour, 'the... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
It now seems more than likely that the presidential choice for the 'Great American Public' (dread words!) will be between 'The Donald' and 'HillBilly'. Regular readers will know of my abiding affection for America, well, sort of abiding, you know, most of the time, depending . . . ! Anyway, their voters will certainly have my sympathy when it comes... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
More to the point, when is Marylin Mosby going to be arrested and charged with perverting the course of justice?
Well, DA, you seem calm and imperturbable in the *fact* that the Clintons, 'mere et pere', took $21.5 million from sundry international bankers, you know, the sort of people that you and our distinguished host absolutely abhor. And, moreover, she refuses to disclose the details of what exactly she said (promised?) in those mysterious speeches for which she was 'paid' a cool quarter mill each! You're normally a very forthright sort of chap, DA, why are you, so to speak, shuffling your feet, holding your hands over your eyes and shouting out loudly "LA-LA-LA-LA-LA"?
That, in essence, is what 'Dave 'n' George' and their army of civil service toadies are telling us in an endless bog-roll of pronouncements unaware, I suppose (because whilst they're awfully posh they are also awfully dim), that in the end we will all be dead! Of course, the quality of the journey to that inevitable conclusion is important but... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Alas, Sherrie, I'm not comfortable with Bernie Saunders being within spitting distance of the Presidency not least because his main philosophy is actually to take millions from the rich and try and give it to the poor and we all know what happens when that nonsense is put into practice! Still, at least he might *try* and give it to the poor, where-as I can't see 'HillBilly' giving anyone so much as a nickel of *her* money to anyone, not even Bill if she can possibly avoid it!
So may I take it, DA, that you are content for your future President to be bought and sold?
"Nobody held a gun(that's what we call flintlocks on this side of the pond, David) to the heads of the companies that paid" Precisely, DA, they volunteered the money - so what do they expect in return?
Oh, don't worry, Peter, she'll "do nicely", she always does!