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Off we all go for another week in the salt mines: If Scotland gains its independence in the proposed second referendum, the remainder of the United Kingdom will be known as the “Former United Kingdom,” or FUK. In a bid to discourage the Scots from voting “yes” in the referendum the Government has now begun to campaign with the slogan... Continue reading
Posted 18 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
My pleasure, Patty.
Well, I tried to cheer you all up with some vitriol aimed at 'The Don' but there didn't appear to be any takers. So here's some gloomy news - and from the WaPO, via The Washington Examiner with my added emphasis: 'A new Washington Post poll that declares President Trump as "the least popular president in modern times," waits until the second to last paragraph to reveal another tidbit: **He'd still beat Hillary Rodham Clinton if the election were held today and in the popular vote, not just Electoral College.**' Er, have a nice day!
Why am I not surprised, DA? It would take one of 'The Donald's' MOABs to open the deep-buried vault that contains what passes for your mind. Pity because you would have enjoyed it but then again, 'ignorance is bliss', so they say!
In the land of the blind, Dan Hodges is king: Well, as you know, Mr. Hodges only has one eye following (if memory serves) an altercation in a pub in which he acted with bravery and was 'glassed' for his troubles. Anyway, in his column in The Mail today, this stalwart Labour party supporter has, so to speak, bitten the... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
On this fine, Spring, Sunday morning I am feeling kind and generous, even unto a bunch of hopeless Lefties like you lot! So, in a spirit of 'hands across the ocean', and all that sort of thing, I urge you all to climb into your NBC suits and pop over to 'Takimag' and an essay by David Cole on the subject of Trump entitled "The Painted Turd". My dears, simply too, too delicious:
I still 'ha'e ma doots' concerning Mrs. May. Mainly, this is because she rarely if ever provides us with any sort of detail concerning her political aims. The former 'Ed of Spec' and now a distinguished commentator at The Telegraph, Charles Moore, sums up our ignorance of her aims and objectives by asking a list of questions: Here is a... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Oh alright then, no you wouldn't, so let me ask you another question, would you vote for him? He is, of course, the current leader of the 'Unite' union which appears to be anything but united! Apparently the votes are in and being counted, er, well, being 'sorted' is perhaps a better description because Mr. Len McCluskey (for it is... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Alas, I suspect not because I do not imagine 'The Don' to be that much of a reader which is a pity because today, over at the NRO, 'The Kraut' takes a long, hard and cool look at some of the underlying realities behind the imbroglio with 'Fat Boy Kim'. First of all he emphasises that it is very definitely... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Following my introductory post a few days ago on the subject of the Dardenelles campaign in 1915, I have moved with agonising slowness to Chapter 7 of Christopher M. Bell's excellent book "Churchill and the Dardenelles", in fact, I am almost as slow as the Royal Navy's approach was to this enormously ticklish operation! The first thing that is worth... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
That Paul Ryan is a very nice man! He's just popped 'over here' to offer us a Free Trade deal, 'Whodathunkit'?
Nobody, least of all me, suggested that there wouldn't be problems, there always are but problems can be overcome particularly if you have buyers and sellers! And no, Peter, in these modern times proximity is not a huge factor which is why our principal markets used to be with the Commonwealth. If the EU breaks up it will be wonderful because individual nations will be able to trade with each other without a colossal bureaucracy interfering needlessly - do you have any idea how many rules and regulations the EU spits out? The French will be desperate to sell us their wine and I suspect (we will find out after their election) that there is a huge percentage of their population as sick of Brussels as we are. But all that is by the by, the fact is that the majority of Brits simply want to return to ruling themselves and on that subject I can't see a grand swell of desire by Canucks to merge their country with their southern neighbour! Why's that do you think?
And a cheap currency means that our exports are cheaper which means that the world buys more of them. It's swings and roundabouts, DA.
Er, we are an island, Peter, with centuries of trading round the world so I think we'll manage. As for the mighty EU, the French appear to be poised to choose between a virulently anti-EU Marxist or a Fascist, 'Mutti' Merkel has allowed her country to be overrun with Muslims and must explain why to her electorate in the Summer and the Italians are a couple of euros away from bankruptcy. There may not be an EU left to Brexit from! Also, you keep forgetting that the Europeans sell a huge amount more to us than we sell to them so their producers will not be keen on high tariffs.
Well, I don't like to divert attention from the 6th Congressional District of Georgia to our piddling affair 'over here' but since *you* raise the subject, Peter, you are quite right to indicate the possibility of long term problems for the Tories even if they win by a landslide. In effect, there will be no opposition to speak of and (political) nature abhors a vacuum. Once Brexit is tidied up and dealt with then restless Tories might get up to mischief. But in the meantime, 'St. Theresa of May' rules supreme whilst the Labour party sinks into squabbles and irrelevancy - bit like the way the Dems are going 'over there', it appears!
Max, Max, "quieter, less bombastic", now who wrote those wise words?
OH NO - SAY IT AIN'T SO! But alas and alack, the ghastly fact is that I find myself agreeing with Max - I know, "the horror, oh, the horror!" I will not pretend to know anything of Georgia's 6th district, or the 5th or even the 7th, so I will avoid detailed comment. Even so, you Democrats don't seem to be awfully good at this election lark. As Mr. Costa goes on to say: "Democrats had hoped to upend the national political landscape with a stunning victory in this round of voting, rousing their demoralized party just five months after Trump won the White House and stoking a burgeoning anti-Trump movement across the country. Ahead of next year’s midterm elections, they saw an opportunity to raise expectations about possibly winning back majorities in Congress." Back to the drawing board, methinks, or as Max puts it: "The Democrats played this stupidly. They should have been quieter, less bombastic, less hand-wringing". Couldn't have put it better myself!
By which I mean, of course, the distinguished Editor of The Spectator, young Master Fraser Nelson - although he doesn't look quite so young these days! - who in today's Telegraph adds yet another good reason why the normally cautious Mrs. May has taken the electoral plunge. He reminds us that she is still hog-tied by Cameron's last election manifesto.... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Well one thing is for sure, as a commentator mentioned earlier today, at least this Prime Minister and her No.10 team can keep a secret! Today's announcement of an election took everyone, including all the experts, totally by surprise - as well as, I suspect, many of the key figures in her government. Also, the timing is impeccable. There is... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Manners, DA, manners, remember what your mama told you, er, she did tell you, didn't she? Anyway, despite your non-stop blather, still no direct quote from me to prove that I am a racist. And it is interesting that your appear to set aside the findings of a jury. I hope you're not on the jury when I come up for shooting someone in the head!
As I indicated earlier, the entire holiday weekend was a big, fat waste of time because 'Classic FM' were playing their way through the 300 top pieces of classical music as voted for by their zillions of listeners. 'Big Henry' was rather grumpy because none of Ludwig's magnificos made it into the top three but if it's any consolation he... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
So, DA, you prefer to lean on the 'findings' of Wiki where-as I prefer those of a sworn jury. Oh well, each to his own! And I had a quick look at the photos of Zimmerman's face and head and if someone inflicted that on me I'd shoot them dead as fast as I could.
Now here's an item from 'ye olde curiosity shoppe'. The drop dead handsome bloke on the right is, er, well, me, actually and the photo was taken circa 1960. The plonker on the left is 'SoD' and his picture was taken circa 1989. A few years ago, thanks to my old friend, clever Richard, ex-Airborne himself and a regular commenter... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Alas, you misread me. What I actually wrote with my added emphasis was: "political polling is not something on which a *wise man would place too much money*". But if you feel confident by all means have a punt.
I would suggest, DA, that mine was an accurate summary of what happened and I am delighted to remind you that "twelve good men (and women) true" on the jury agreed with me - and they were working on far more details than I had to hand. So again, for the umpteenth time, where is a quote from showing me as a racist?