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'That'll teach them thickoe northerners and their useless footie players to keep well out of 'souf Lon'on' in the future', more or less said, or grunted, a bunch of Crystal Palace supporters at the weekend. With the sort of careful and cunning planning you expect from 'souf Lon'oners', they executed a daring and cunning ambush on the team bus from... Continue reading
Posted 7 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Similarities between our political parties 'over here' and theirs 'over there' should never be pursued too closely but, even so, just a quick glance at the shambles of the Latter-day Comrades running the Labour party and the 'hissy-spitty' community (dis)organisers running the (non)Democratic Party and one cannot help but make comparisons. I will not waste your time dwelling on the... Continue reading
Posted 7 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I am obliged to Mr. Alan J. Favish at The American Thinker for confirming my deeply held suspicion that most universities are staffed and run by idiots but those situated in California are actually run by the brain-dead! He brings to our attention the fact that one of the colleges at the University of California at Santa Cruz (UCSC) has... Continue reading
Posted 11 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
And the Joke of the Year at the Oscars is ... the Oscars! Oh my giddy aunt, a damp, chilly, Monday morning and I found myself reeling round the kitchen clutching my sides with helpless laughter. Sorry, People, I don't think my jokes are going to give you that level of laughter! After having dug to a depth of 10... Continue reading
Posted 17 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
DA, you are becoming even more confusing. If you are suggesting that Maggie's father went bankrupt to avoid his creditors then you need to check your facts, he did not, he sold the shops and retired. Anyway, what do you think of this fella' Perez who has been appointed to steer the good ship 'Democrat' into harbour, er, unlike the last prat who steered it onto the rocks?
Obviously, DA, your reading skills seem to be in decline. From Wiki: "She spent her childhood in Grantham, where her father owned two grocery shops. She and her older sister Muriel (1921–2004) were raised in the flat above the larger of the two, on North Parade.[3] In 1938 the Roberts family gave sanctuary to a teenage Jewish girl escaping Nazi Germany.[4] Margaret described this in her memoirs as among the significant events of her formative years.[5]" It is precisely because she well understood the nature of money and trade at the practical, as opposed to theoretical, level that made her such a great Prime Minister. Humble beginnings, bit like the late, great Harry Truman!
Selling magazine subscriptions and mistletoe! Yeeeeeeeeees, quite!
Some Economics 101 for you, DA, or perhaps just some 'Billy basic' business info. If, because of a currency fluctuation, the imported components of a machine which, let us say, amount to a third of the manufacturing cost, goes up by 5%, but the price achieved for your completed machine also goes up 5%, then 5% of the total exceeds the 5% on imported parts. Why do I suspect, DA, that you have never run so much as a whelk stall?
Brace up, Mr. Carpenter, I have shockin' news - I agree with you! Here is part of what I wrote over at my place this morning: "I never thought much of all that 'palsy-walsy' stuff between Presidents and scribblers, it gave the latter a totally false sense of their own importance. Dandruff-ridden, smelly socks, waste-tip scavengers is what they are, or at least, it's what they should be!"
Yes I would listen if, and it seems to be a big 'IF' you had anything to say on the subject which apparently you do not. Instead you bang on about the the fall in the value of the pound against the dollar which, of course, makes British exports to America even cheaper and will help our already large trade surplus grow even larger! I ask again, what's not to like about Brexit? Not, I hasten to add, that Brexit was about trade, it was a tad more fundamental than that!
So, DA, nothing useful to say about the future development of the Dem party - why am I not surprised? By the way, I was slightly surprised to read the other day that we have a handsome trade surplus with the USA, as opposed to the trade deficit with the EU. So what's not to like about Brexit?!
Right, stop all that progress - NOW! Yesterday 'SoD' descended to, er, sort out my computer - yeeeees, quite! The end result is that everything's the same and everything's different and it's driving me nuts! Why can't they - yes, it's always "they" - just leave things alone because it takes me years to get the hang of it all... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I have been 'boring for Britain' on this blog for some considerable time - sorry and all that! - to try and find out, through the non-stop wailing and gnashing of teeth and flailing fury, what will be the future direction of the Democratic party given that you just lost an 'un-losable' election! Answers came there none! However, today there appears to be a hefty clue in the election of Perez over Ellison as Chairman of the Party. Alas, I have never heard of either of them so I rely on you, the, er, insiders, to wise me up on the significance (if any) of the result. I must just confess to a snigger that some things never change as exampled by Saunders backing the losing candidate!
It has been some considerable time since 'the lesbian straightener' entered these hallowed columns. I refer, of course, to Mr. Chris Huhne, former 'il-Lib-non-Dem' MP who found himself in a spot of bother when his missus ratted him out to the 'Plods' over an incident in which he lied to them in a sworn statement. Apparently she had found out... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
According to The Telegraph, that festering collection of old, political has-beens, never-wases, never will-bes and octogenarian mouth-dribblers who spend most of their time in Britain's most luxurious Old Peoples' Refuge, aka, the House of Lords, are thinking of voting for two amendments to the 'Brexit Bill' which will, in effect, throw down a gauntlet at Mrs. May's elegantly shod feet.... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes, sorry to be so imperative, not my usual style as you know well, er, you do know, don't you? Anyway, I would like you all - pretty please! - to read an excellent article in The Telegraph by Mick Brown based on a long lunch-interview with Sir Tom Stoppard. Regular readers will know - and have been bored stiff... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
It is exceedingly irritating that really intelligent, knowledgeable savants like me - sorry, did you say something? - will never make it in politics. When I view the collection of buffoons, phantasists, fruit cakes, born again liars and total dipsticks who fill our parliamentary benches, it is truly amazing that the people have not risen and in one mighty voice... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
A severe 'dose of the domestics' yesterday, in which I had to take an elderly - yes, even older than me and I feel a hundred these days! - and batty lady on several visits. First, I had to take her to a clinic to be seen by a 'psycho-babbler' - and yes, you know what I think about them!... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Why, in these modern times, does it take tax-payers' money (or MY money, as I fondly think of it) to fund the arts? That used to be the prerogative of rich men, and artists competed for their patronage. That way, the artists earned a living (or not!), the rich man basked in the reflected glory and the rest of us enjoyed (or not) the result. Now, we have much the same system except that the rich men use *our* money instead of theirs but, alas, the standard of the 'art' has sunk to new, abysmal levels.
@ Peter: I'm perfectly well aware of the massive number of trucks sent to Russia and how useful they were especially given the German dependence on horses. And nor am I trying to minimize the aid sent from America, I am just correcting the notion that is "saved Britain". @ Max: And just when I was thinking - hoping? - that the personal insults were over! @ DA: Yes, the German errors in the battle of Britain and in other areas, were exceedingly useful, just as the Japanese errors before and during Midway were helpful, and that proves what, exactly? And the cracking of 'enigma' was not of any help in 1940 in the air battle for Britain. It was in the battle for the Atlantic that enigma worked especially well, and whilst the Polish contribution was vital, so were other things like us capturing a machine from a disabled submarine and the incredible efforts of Alan Turing and his team at Bletchley Park. Somewhat similar to the terrific achievements of William Friedman and Code Purple. And I do wish you would try not to twist my meanings, DA, nowhere have I suggested or even hinted that Britain won the *war* alone. I simply state that the battle of Britain was won mainly by British inventions (radar), British planes (Spitfires) and brave pilots (not all of whom were British). And that battle won, there was absolutely no chance that Germany would try and invade. End of!
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Good to know at p m carpenter's commentary
Oh dear, obviously I am not expressing myself clearly, I'll try again. The Lend-Lease aid from America was exceedingly useful in very many ways but it did not "rescue" us because when the battle for Britain was won by radars, Spitfires and courageous pilots in September 1940 there was no chance that the Germans would invade. In fact, it was that relief from immediate threat which allowed us to send what we could to the Russians - for much the same reason you sent aid to us - **to keep them in the war**. What are we arguing about?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Good to know at p m carpenter's commentary
Sorry, DA, your point is - what, exactly?
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Good to know at p m carpenter's commentary
@ DA: Well, you didn't, and I wrote it because it is a historical fact. Your Lend-Lease offer was exceedingly useful but it did not "rescue" Britain. And as I also wrote in reply to Max, we repaid much of it by offering America our secrets. @ Max: If you think I, personally, was "spanked" I can only tell you that I didn't feel a thing!
Toggle Commented 6 days ago on Good to know at p m carpenter's commentary
Yes, of course "we got spanked", Dunkirk wasn't just a bad dream! But no, FDR did not save us, it was the cavity magnetron (radar), R. J. Mitchell (the designer of the Spitfire) and sundry brave and skillful pilots who saved us. Once that battle was fought and won the Germans knew that invasion would never work and so they 'went east, young man, went east'! Incidentally, we gave 'y'all' the secrets of radar which saved an enormous number of American lives in the Pacific especially. Of course, it is true that we could not have *defeated* Germany on our own but so long as the Russians kept them busy and the Royal Navy remained intact, they could not defeat us, either. It needed America to tilt the balance and we are forever grateful - on a realistic basis, that is!
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Thus sayeth the late Alexander Pope and as he was something of a deep thinker and I am not, I will not argue the point. The phrase came to mind after I read a report on the recent military trial of a young Israeli soldier who shot dead an already wounded Palestinian terrorist who had been subdued fifteen minutes earlier.... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!