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Seriously! On the subject of national economics you are paying attention to the words of the prime minister of ... ITALY?! 'Oh, mia zia vertiginoso!' Er, that's Italian for 'oh, my giddy aunt!'
Here she is again, my least favourite woman, and sorry for spoiling your breakfast: Ladies and gentlemen, I give you - no, no, please take her! - Ms. Alison Saunders, the Mis-Director of Public Pratfalls, sorry, sorry, the Director of Public Prosecutions. She has, er, graced these distinguished columns before - ask 'JK', he'll find the links in an instant... Continue reading
Posted 19 hours ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Interesting question, Shaun. It appears to have several translations. I have not heard your version before but 'Wily Oriental Gentleman' is one I've come across. But that's the marvel of the English language as 'interpreted' *freely* across the Anglosphere over time. Of course, if the likes of Peter have their way, we'll all be speaking 'Proper-Speak', that is, only those words approved by the prigs who constitute the self-appointed LCA (Language Commissar Apparat)!
Just under three weeks to go and still the polls have Dave 'n' Ed neck and neck and I still can't quite believe it. Earlier this morning after I saw Sky News I thought about writing a post headed 'The BBC and the Media have won it' but then this week's 'Speccie' hit the front door mat and I read... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Peter, I fear we may be testing our host's amazing patience to the limit. This is, after all, *his* blog not mine and all you seem to be doing is stamping your little foot because of things I may (or may not) have written on *my* blog. Surely the place to do that, if you feel the need, is over at my place not here. I have a select band of regular commenters, most of them ranging from bonkers to eccentric so you would fit in a treat!
Peter, you seem to have put your sense of humour down somewhere and forgotten where. Er, you're not sitting on it are you? And as it happens, last week I entranced a historical society with my talk on Waterloo, and just last night a Women's Institute club swooned at my talk on "Will's Women: A Nun, a Tart and a Dark Lady". Are you interested in booking me? OK, take that as a 'no', shall I? Also, because I write using precisely the terms I wish to use then I will write, as occasion demands, Worthy Oriental Gentleman (WOG) or Spic or nigger or Frog or Yank or Jock or Paddy or Limey or Chink or whatever because I have absolutely no intention of ever allowing priggish, *self-appointed* 'Language Commissars' to restrict my freedom in the use of the English language. The difference between us, Peter, is that by and large when you read me you will always know exactly what I mean where-as you, I suspect, prefer the smooth and forked PC tongue which leaves us all guessing! Alas, you inhabit an exceedingly narrow world, Peter, in which you are unable to comprehend anything outside the grey walls of 'Leftie' dogma. For you, there is no rainbow of possibilities, only never-ending grey. Sad, really.
'GO, WALKER, GO!' Er, frightfully sorry and all that, chaps, I'm not awfully good at American yahooing but you get the sentiment, I'm sure. Now all we need is 'HillBilly' to slip up on the mountains of crap she has dropped over the years and my happiness will be complete when 'Fauxcahontas' emerges from her wigwam. 'BRING IT ON, BABY!' Oh dear, that doesn't sound much better, either!
I am grateful to my e-pal and regular commenter, Ortega, for pointing me to this story in The Mail which somehow I missed. It concerns a diorama of the battle of Waterloo which was constructed in the early '70s before the age of cgi-effects. It shows the field at Waterloo and illustrates the five main actions that took place although,... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Golly-gosh, Peter, how eloquent you are, it makes me wonder how our grandparents and forebears managed to get through this vale of tears! Well, on second thoughts, perhaps because they were able to keep more of their own money and look after themselves and their families and, if possible, their neighbours - and all without a single government pecksniff plus the 10 pen-pushers who stand behind them on huge salaries and golden pensions paid for by, yes, you guessed it!
"Government is so much more than just politicians." Indeed it is! it is inspectors, and tax collectors, and policemen, and civil servants, and 'peck sniffs and pen-pushers' whose numbers multiply like maggots on a rotting carcass which, in the end, they consume utterly and then die themselves! @ Bob: You might as well start at the beginning with Adam Smith.
The Telegraph has a report on the incident yesterday in which a rather hot totty, believed to be German, leapt up on the table in front of Mario Draghi, the chief honcho of the European Central Bank, and showered him in coloured paper. Don't ask me what she was protesting about, no doubt, like you, I could run off a... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
[Sorry, sorry, I started this post first thing this morning but the sun kept shining and the temperatures kept rising and so, ignoring the complaints of the neighbours who simply don't know a good thing when they see it, I stripped to the waist and wearing my shorts, I began planting my garden - all five square feet of it!... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
A few months back some of you dared to criticise my thoughts on modern warfare - I know, I know, I was shocked! I pointed out that the monster US aircraft carrier currently visiting Portsmouth might turn out to be the biggest waste of money in the history of warfare. Similarly, our two new mini-carriers currently being built at vast... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Thanks to Guido we now have the election manifesto from the Green Party - look, don't start sniggering until I've told you! It is a gem, literally priceless because no-one could ever afford it. If even one Greenie is returned to parliament after this excerpt from the Monty Python Show then I may be forced to consider seriously moving to... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
My goodness me, how bountiful those nice politicians are as the 'goodies' rain down from the sky. Truly, political parties are 'the gifts that never stop giving'. Every morning 'my cruise through the news' brings me tidings of great joy. Absolutely and definitely on my mother's eyes, say the pols, no more tax rises and no more new taxes. Thank... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes, slowly but surely I am progressing through Margaret MacMillan’s superb history of the 1919 Peace Conference at Versailles. I don’t care if it ended in failure and anyway, before I condemn the four main actors I would want to know what the critics think would have been a success! Truly, the mind boggles at the complexities with which they... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Feeling better now, Peter? With one exception I would agree that she is *probably* no better/no worse than any of the potential Republicans on offer but I make that statement conditional on the basis that I know very little about most of them. Anyway, er, "what difference, at this point, does it make?" Now where have I heard that before and under what circs?
Peter, what are you on about? 'Calm down, dear, and remember you're Canadian!' I have no desire to punch your wife, or Hilary Clinton, come to that! She is a despicable and untrustworthy woman and, I suppose, that makes her a perfect politician. Her husband was similar but by his second term he was reasonably successful as a politician, er, although his personal transgressions were more than a little careless and foolish. Still, he lied and lied and lied again - and got away with it so no doubt his patient wife learned the lesson!
Actually, in this house what you hear a lot of between 6.00 and 7.00pm, Monday to Friday, is a stream of ungentlemanly moans and groans and grumps because, just as I sit down to my supper, the 'Memsahib' insists on having Murder She Wrote on the TV. Yeeeeeeeees, quite! Did you know that the series ran for 12 years and... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Well, 'over here' we don't need cheering up because we are all enjoying - at last! - some glorious global warming but even so it is Monday morning and you wage-slaves are a miserable lot on a Monday. So let me bring you some morning cheer, first with an Irish joke: • "O'Ryan," asked the druggist, "did that mudpack I... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Peter, I am not in the business of "persuading" anyone, dammit, sir, you make me sound like a wretched politician! I merely offer my opinion, "an ill-favoured thing, sir, but mine own"! As far as La Clinton is concerned, in my opinion, she is the very worst sort of crooked sleaze-bag you could ever wish to avoid. If I shook hands with her I would count my fingers afterwards. None of that effects her abilities as a politician - some of the greatest statesmen have been ghastly characters, one instantly thinks of Talleyrand. But there is no denying that her actual record is a non-stop car crash. Multiple scandals in 'good ol' Arkansas', her health care plan shot down in flames, her failure to beat the dimmest presidential candidate in years, her do nothing record as Sec of State - and doing nothing includes doing nothing to protect her own people in Benghazi, her illegal (and dangerously stupid) actions in regard to her e-mails whilst in office ... and so on and on. But, my dear chap, go ahead and vote for her, don't let me put you off!
Thanks for an interesting assessment of her dilemma, I almost began to feel sorry for her - until commonsense kicked in and hit me on the shins! Peter, you must try restraining yourself as you advise the Republicans to do, you are in danger of sounding positively gushing, darling!
I once studied economics - you will stop that hysterical laughter NOW or you'll be banned! I also studied philosophy and, yes, I know that's even funnier especially as it was not at some prestigious university but on an adult education course which, if memory serves, was two evenings a week for twenty weeks. Mind you, the lecturers were university... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes indeed, alas and alack, but then we all knew it really: But it's all over now You used to whisper little things to set me aglow But it's all over now I listened to you tell me little white lies Never thought you meant to deceive Whoever would have doubted those innocent eyes And all the little kisses that... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Alas, I know more about quantum physics than I know about religion and seeing as I failed 'O'-level Physics that gives you some idea of the depth of my ignorance. Fortunately, I subscribe to The Spectator - do you and if not why not? - and the lovely and brainy Mary Wakefield is available to educate me. In this week's... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!