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Well, not literally because I'm still here in Cannes where, incidentally, it pissed down with rain last night - who sniggered? No, I am about to follow my hero, the first great Churchill, the Duke of Marlborough, on his amazing march from the Low Countries down and along the Danube that culminated in the great victory at the battle of... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
And today he's writing in The Telegraph - you'll have to look it up for yourselves because I can't cope with links on this 'tablet-thingie'. When he worked for Cameron in the early days of the last government I thought he was a bit of a middle-aged hippy with his casual style. When he resigned because he was pissed off... Continue reading
Posted 4 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes, for the time being it is only dripping but as the leadership fight gets underway it is only a matter of time before an artery is opened and the blood gushes forth. Such fun! Whoever wins will die over the next five years, er, politically speaking, of course! So far there appear to be only three serious contenders. A... Continue reading
Posted 5 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Well, see, there was this scrawny old English geezer in the south of France loaded up with all the latest 'do-flicker-techie-thingies' kindly given to him by his ever-lovin' swottish son but when he went use them he couldn't remember exactly how they all worked and consequently he could not find his store of hilarious jokes to amuse the millions of... Continue reading
Posted 6 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
It has only taken me 36 hours get this far so by the time I'm due to come home I should have mastered it! I'm off shortly for a birthday lunch at the smartest restaurant on the Riviera, so that should reduce their social standing. Let's hope that by the time I get back this afternoon I will not have... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I'm off at the crack of dawn. I don't quite know when I will be able reach this blog or even if I ever will. So, I will either 'see' you in a fortnight or sometime over the weekend if the god of 'do-flicker-thingies' smiles upon me. A bientot and all that sort of thing . . . Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I say, steady on, old chap, I mean, blimey, I never take exception to Americanisms! Just the opposite, I always think they are exceedingly apt - well, the older ones were, the modern ones are mostly crude or, if one is lucky, incomprehensible. Anyway, Bob (and Peter and PM), I grant you all a fortnight's holiday because tomorrow I'm off to Cannes. I am taking some sort of 'tablet-do-flicker-thingie' but, with my scientific knowledge, the chances of getting through are minimal. Anyway, in the meantime, keep your peckers up - oooops, sorry, I've just remembered, that means something else 'over there'. I suppose dear Oscar was right, the only thing that divides us is our common language!
Peter tells us all that Jesus advocated paying taxes. So that makes Him as big a sucker as you American tax-payers who handed over a cool £1.3 billion to Amtrack on top of their existing budget of $1.5 billion. End result: train falls of track killing eight and injuring hundreds. "The $1.3 billion from the stimulus law was on top of Amtrak’s $1.488 billion budget in 2009. The stimulus funds were allocated between 2009 and 2011." Money well spent, eh, chaps?
I seeeeeeeeeee! So, CO2 emissions went up by ga-zillions but for the last nearly 20 years global temps have barely shifted. But ... but ... you swots keep telling me that CO2 causes global warming. Cor, I wish I had brains like yours!
Maths? OK, Peter, so tell me, how many 'ga-zillion' tons of *extra* CO2 has been pumped out into the atmosphere over the past 20 years and by how much have global temps increased?
And this made me snigger: "In modern times, the old Greek/Roman goddess Gaia has been resurrected by the world green movement. Pope Francis seems to seek an alliance with these nature-worshipers. Unfortunately, the green wolf will never lie down with the Christian lambs. Christians promote care for humanity, especially the weak and the poor. The Gaia-worshippers have subordinated humans to “nature,” and their attitude to other humans ranges from contempt to deep hatred. Under their extremist Agenda 21, the priests of Gaia would sacrifice humans by restricting their access to land, oceans, food, minerals, and energy, and then concentrate the survivors in soul-destroying dormitory cities and food factories. Greens want all descendants of Adam and Eve expelled from our Gardens of Eden." Read more:
If by "climate change" you mean the nonsensical notion of AGW, and if you are intimating that the Pope believes it, then he should beware inveighing against "nitwits". He might also raise a little energy from "the calm" you describe as being his normal mode and try and do something about the in-house corruption that riddles his Vatican 'apparat'.
As the Labour party heads for the surface of the earth at an incredible rate of knots I cannot help but recall the famous message of those astronauts spinning out of control up in space. For the benefit of my foreign readers who - shock-horror! - may not have heard of Cleckheaton let me explain that for the benefit of... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Yes, it's holiday time for your over-worked - and under-paid! - host. Tomorrow, we're off to the French seaside for two weeks. Well, "French seaside" hardly describes the elegant sophistication of Cannes on the Riviera but that's where we're going and, of course, I deserve no less. There will be some irritation for me because the International Film Festival is... Continue reading
Posted May 15, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
As a special request for my birthday - not until Sunday so you still have plenty of time to send me those priceless gifts - the 'Memsahib' bought me the box-set of "Breaking Bad". I can remember reading the general synopsis of the story-line in which a respectable High School chemistry teacher runs into a shit-storm of problems including financial... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
A fascinating article in this week's Spectator by Dan Hodges in which he describes what went on behind the scenes during the last few nights of the Labour party's very own 'Rocky Horror Show'! It was a sort of mixture of the 'Three Stooges' (although there were more than three of them!) and the 'Massacre of the Innocents'. In fact,... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
I refer, of course, to the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. In contemplating this ineffably silly man actually becoming King I feel like popping over to my local church and praying for Her Maj to go on for at least another twenty years and thereby outlive him! His hitherto secret letters written to various ministers over the years have... Continue reading
Posted May 14, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Sorry, Peter, I dined not wisely but too well and I'm afraid my reply is down the bottom of this sorry pile of twaddle. Must take more water with it!
Dammit, Sir, you are addressing the Founder, the President for Life, and so far, alas, the sole member of S.P.O.T. Surely you do not have to be told - the Society for the Preservation of Ties! And, yes, I do indeed wear a tie to bed which tastefully sets off my jimjams!
Ah, that's a relief! Only your interlocutor intimating that you were one and the same, a ridiculous suggestion, but it made me wonder whether the two of you were wearing each other's frocks or something. By the way, I trust you wear a tie with that tee shirt!
There is only one huge outstanding question to be answered - are PM and PeterG cross-dressers? I don't know but I think we should be told! Incidentally, I tried to read Mr. Wright's original post and whilst he may have something interesting to convey, alas, as I ploughed on through his post-modernist prose I began to lose the will to live. I also had the sinking feeling that in there somewhere I might have agreed with him - dread thought!
Parliament hasn't even re-opened and yet already the 'Kippers' are in a shark-like fighting frenzy - with each other! The high-minded, and highly intelligent, Douglas Carswell MP, their only success in the election, refuses to take the full amount of £650k provided to the party to run their Westminster operation based on the national total of votes. The fact that... Continue reading
Posted May 13, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
A very useful reminder from Quentin Letts in today's Daily Mail reminding us that the House of Lords, as currently constructed, is likely to prove an A1 embuggerence factor in Dave's plans. Apart from anything else, the Tories are in a small minority amongst a shower of ex-Labourites, Lib-Dems and other assorted Lefties. Although the country has just given a... Continue reading
Posted May 12, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Interesting and enlightening. None of you can quite bring yourselves to condemn attempted murder. Now, if Zimmerman was black . . .
I have always believed that when a man is down - that is the time to kick him! Well, as a very tough pal of mine from army days advised me, it was essential never to let your opponent get back up again. Good advice for a pub fight situation but not really applicable to my remote 'relationship' with Sally... Continue reading
Posted May 11, 2015 at DUFF & NONSENSE!