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I stand reproved by Charles Moore which is no mean punishment coming from a man who was the youngest ever editor of The Spectator and who subsequently became editor of The Telegraph and eventually the authorised biographer of 'that woman'. To be fair, I don't think he aimed his criticism at me personally because, alas, poor fellow, he doesn't know... Continue reading
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"Protests occur when an agent of the state - someone whose job it is to protect and serve the community - is the killer." But, alas, Tom, there were no protests over the killing of Laquan Macdonald, or at least, nothing to match the Trayvon killing and the Jackson & Sharpton circus failed to appear and Obama failed to order his Dept of non-Justice into action and the video was kept secret because, as we now learn, the killing took place a year ago and 'Hizonner' Rahm Emanual was facing an election at the time. He arranged the swift payment of $5 million to the family and no doubt they were told to keep quiet, too! So when push comes to electoral shove, it doesn't matter a flying fig who shot the dopey black! kid!
The totally unoriginal thought - and if it's original thinking you're looking for here you're in the wrong place - contained in my title has been provoked by two incidents in my life in the last couple of days. First of all, I got to grips with my 'do-flicker-recording-thingie' and watched a programme I had recorded months ago. It was... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
No, Bob, and I won't tell you where they got to - there may be ladies present!
Yes, Peter, all of them which is why, presumably, they are so boring! You're right, DA, any self-respecting leech would probably crawl away from my blood. Mind you, the buggers had a good meal off me when I was on jungle training in Malaysia 'back in the day'. Er, Bob and SHS, if anyone's metastasizing, it's you two!
Actually, Gentlemen, I take so many damn pills first thing every morning it puts me off my breakfast! And you're quite right (for once), DA, anything that was good enough for Edmond Burke is good enough for me - although leeches may be a step too far. As for your comment, Bob, to wit, "Republicans' current philosophy runs counter to nearly everything necessary to make centers of civilization work", I assume you mean 'work' like it does in Chicago, Baltimore, San Fran, etc, etc!
No, no, DA, for you it's too late but Bob, given his insight into the grunge that is Democrat Chicago, remains mentally stable! For you, well, what can I say except keep taking the pills!
Bob, my dear old thing, I wasn't complaining about the silence towards me and my ramblings, but the silence from the usual noise-makers, you know, all those young and desperately dim nonentities who follow the Jackson & Sharpton circus. Perhaps it's worth asking why Emanuel had "no credible competition"? Would it, do you think, have anything to do with the fact that Chicago is one huge great Democrat party stitch-up? A bit like Detroit or Baltimore or San Fran! Anyway, you'd better watch out, agreeing with me could be dangerous!
On one of my favourite American 'Leftie' sites I confidently forecast total mayhem on the streets of Chicago following the killing of a drugged-out young black man who was wandering up a main street waving a knife until an over-eager cop pumped several bullets into him. The incident was filmed and the video released a couple of days ago. Stand... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Well, I wondered why it was so quiet. In a comment above I apologised to the late 9-year-old Tayshawn who was executed by 'gangstas' but received absolutely no mass demos from the Jackson & Sharpton circus, as opposed to the furore likely to erupt over the death of some drugged-out black loony called Laquan McDonald who was shot several times by a policeman for no apparent reason. But ... but ... the silence was deafening! A pathetic mini-demo - and that was it! I couldn't understand it until I realised that this shooting took place over a year ago!!!!! So why the silence? Could it have been because the mayor was up for election at the time? And was that why the city quietly agreed to pay the family $5 million and thus even the family remained surprisingly quiescent? And was that why the City fought tooth and nail not to release the video until forced to do so a few days ago? And was that why it has taken the prosecutor nearly a year to bring charges? I guess that most of you here just put it down to a typically rotten borough run by corrupt Republicans. But ... oh no ... say it ain' so ... it was actually in Chicago, a solidly Democrat controlled city for decades and the current mayor was once Obama's favourite 'consigliere', the deeply repugnant Rahm Emanuel. What a putrefying Democrat stench!
Maybe, DA, but no-one, not even the most far-sighted, experienced political commentators 'over here' foresaw what is now happening in the Labour party. Everybody laughed when Jeremy Corbyn stood for the leadership but the Labour party, in its ineffable dimness, had changed its own rules so that anyone could join - and vote! - if they paid just £3. The party was instantly swamped with (mostly young) Trots and Corbyn won. Just imagine the Democrat party run by a cabal of the sort of ultras who regularly join in on any sort of demo. Don't say it will never happen, that's what the Labour moderates said 'over here'! Happily, barring accidents, it is exceedingly unlikely that Corbyn will ever be prime minister for which you should be very relieved. I know 'Ol Big Ears' detests and despises the UK but we are a long-term ally. However, a Corbyn-led government would actually become virulently anti-American. So if I were a supporter of the Democrat party - which thank the Lord I'm not, Sir - I would watch the ultras very closely!
@ DA: Well, there's always this: Alas no, yesterday 'Dim Dave' and his Chancellor, 'little Georgie', dished out an Autumn spending review in which they were spending money like drunken sailors, although they assured us they would balance the budget within five years. Yeeeeeees, quite, we are not holding our breath. However, you and the others here should study what is going on in the Labour party which has been captured by ultra-Left-wing Trots who loath social democracy even more than conservatism. It is not a pretty sight and "there will be blood" - no, no, not literally but metaphorically. Your Democrat party could follow a similar course if you are not careful because there are plenty of 'ultras' in your ranks just waiting their turn!
As I mentioned before, I am re-reading Alistair Horne's excellent one volume history of Bonaparte entitled How Far From Austerlitz? Obviously, no history of Bonaparte could avoid mention of that crafty and dead randy old goat, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord. As far as his personal life was concerned, Talleyrand could be summed up by this example with my emphases: Meanwhile,... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
But it's not just United who want out! And if you are hoping for top business execs (eg: 'the Trump') to talk straight don't hold your breath! Sorry, I couldn't watch the whole of that cartoon, I began to lose the will to live! But yes, you're right, we have more than our fair share of turkeys over here. It's probably not of much interest to you but if you have never seen a political party commit 'hari kari' before, check out our Labour party. Oddly enough, I am truly sorry because I think it is vital that we have a functioning opposition and a viable alternative government. If I tell you that yesterday in parliament the shadow Chancellor actually quoted from Mao's little Red Book, probably the biggest mass murderer in history!
@ DA: Well, I wouldn't wish 'Dim Dave' dead but if you could see your way clear to kidnapping him, I'd be awfully grateful! Obviously, DA, you have been concentrating on my penetrating insights into American politics instead of reading your own news. There has been a steady stream of news items reporting various insurance companies either pulling out of Obamacare or considering the option. Here is just one of them and it happens to be the biggest health insurer in your country!
"Getting bin Laden"? A washed-up, refugee, has-been leader of a terrorist group that was already surpassed by other more dangerous groups. Brilliant! "improving the access of millions of Americans to affordable health care" which is now disappearing as fast as the various insurance companies close up shop because they can't afford it! Brilliant! And "gay marriage"! Yes indeed, a really and truly important, pressing, vital issue that deserves to be at the very top of his list of priorities - not! Equally brilliant! Underwhelmed is my immediate re-action.
I am pressed for time this morning so I will confine most of this post to just the headline from Rod Liddle's column in this week's 'Speccie'. Apart from making you laugh I hope it will induce you all to take out an on-line subscription for the best weekly magazine anywhere! Why don’t the French bomb Belgium? It goes without... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
'They seek him here, they seek him there, they seek the real George Osborne everywhere'! So what did you make of little Georgie's so-called 'spending review' yesterday? I watched it all - yes, I really am a political nerd - and trying to get a grip of it was like trying to catch a bar of soap in the bath.... Continue reading
Posted 2 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!
Riiiiiiight, so "This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL or Daesh, and its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us" was all blx, was it? And where on earth did you ever find me suggesting that we should put 'boots on the ground'? You're at it again, Peter, making things up in that excitable little head of yours. I expect Bob has a psychobabble name for it! As it happens, I think Obama, in general terms, has it about right, that is, lob in a few bombs and missiles, occasional forays by Special Forces and pay the Kurds to do the fighting. Only the history books will tell us eventually but I suspect that he stumbled on this operational idea by accident!
Now come on, chaps, I need some help here. You're all Democrat party supporters and loving subjects, ooops, sorry, loyal citizens to 'Ol Big Ears', so can you please explain which of these two statements he actually believes: “I don’t think they [ISIL] are gaining strength. What is true is that from the start our goal has been first, to contain and we have contained them. They have not gained ground in Iraq and in Syria they will come in, they leave, but you don’t see the systematic march by ISIL across the terrain,” or, following the Paris massacre: “This is an important moment for our nations and for the world. This barbaric terrorist group, ISIL or Daesh, and its murderous ideology pose a serious threat to all of us. It cannot be tolerated. It must be destroyed and we must do it together." What is it about the words "contained" and "serious threat" that is confusing your master strategist in the Whitehouse?
Oh dear, "what a falling off was there"! No attempt to face up to my main point, instead, screechy diatribes of increasingly hysterical insults, bit like a demo from 'Black Lies Matter', really. The quicker our distinguished host returns the better. He mostly writes rubbish but he avoids sinking into pseudo psychobabble and sexual fantasies. Sorry, Tayshawn, you really don't deserve this lot.
Correction, it wasn't 'Big Bro'', it was good ol' Pa who upset the mob and thus bequeathed an early death to little Tayshawn. Such is life and death in the 'hoods!
'Whilst teacher's away the kids do play' so I will kick off with this observation which follows on from an earlier and similar one. Sorry, Tayshawn, you were only nine years old when some thugs lured you into a Chicago alley and executed you with several shots to the body because your 'big bro'' had upset the local drug dealers, but even so your murder barely made it into the local press because, you see, you did it all wrong! You should have arranged to be shot by a white man, or better still, if you really wanted top billing, by a white policeman! That way you would have hit the full media headlines, mass demos in your memory, 'Black Lies Matter' out in force, the Jackson & Sharpton Show on the road and, the final accolade which we all await with bated breath, a word from on high by 'you know who'! As it is, sorry Tayshawn, but you're just a statistic, just another black on black shooting and, frankly, there are just so many of them that you only rate a yawn. R.I.P.
@ SHS: Thanks for those links, I will read them with interest. @ DA: Alas, DA, your "also instructive" was just the opposite, an example of two armed perps applying their surprise tactics against unsuspecting victims. Had every other man in that supermarket been armed not only do I doubt they would have lived long but I also doubt that they would have even tried their caper. And I assume that you would prefer victims to lie supine whilst they are executed rather than have the chance to shoot back whilst they are being executed because the light isn't right!
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So there I was yesterday, relaxing after my near escape from the 'sawbones' (see preceding post), quietly reading Alistair Horne's excellent Napoleonic history How Far From Austerlitz and I came across this fella': Handsome chap and looks as though he might be good fun on a night out! Alas, his main interest in life was, er, death! Military death, of... Continue reading
Posted 3 days ago at DUFF & NONSENSE!