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Irish passport. He'll be a Boy in Green, unless an airplane falls out of the sky onto a USMNT Goalkeepers workshop.
Other than missing the one superstar per team, how will they be that different? And if that one superstar is that transcendent, oughtn't he play with kids on his/her level?
I've seen a fair bit of angst and gnashing of teeth on this decision among the soccer Twitterati. I don't get it, personally. If you're that good at 14 that you know you have a shot at playing pro ball, why would you even consider your highschool team? This can only be good for the long-term growth of American soccer. Our kids will learn how to be pros much earlier than they would otherwise. Simply the act of choosing the academy puts them in a different class of player. Good for the kids, great for the program.
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Feb 10, 2012