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An interesting little glimpse into the industry, if for no other reason than the fact that I'm just starting out in what will hopefully blossom into a full-fledged gaming career in some way, be it journalism or the actual development aspects. I'm part-owner of a smaller gaming site (No Worries Gaming! I won't link it specifically cause that feels like a dick move, but it is Google-able, I bet), and we're sort of on the smaller side of the "news-sphere" scale. We don't have the clout or the PR awareness to have to run through the hoops and jumps of dealing with various agencies. We got denied for E3 because we can't afford the $500-600 a month it costs to get ranked on sites like Compete and Alexa and all that. I don't think that my own reviews will necessarily convince a person to buy or not buy a game: I don't think that they're necessarily meant to do that. From where I'm sitting, and from how I try to structure my reviews, people want to know what reviewers THINK of a game, not whether or not you should fork over your money. I write about stuff in games that makes me happy, angry, burst out in laughter...whatever really speaks volumes about the game. The concept of embargoes still blows my mind as to how in-depth and biased they can be. Being asked to wait time before posting a review isn't that bad at all, and I can understand that. The fact that they would hint at "enhancing" a review's score to get the review out early though...yikes, that really frightens me.
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Apr 20, 2011