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Dylan Brams
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Mar 8, 2011
For some reason, the activation of text-to-speech on the android is pretty rough in the default OS. Other than that, though, it is pretty lame sometimes. If your vocabulary is a little different it does NOT handle it well. I've definitely thought about getting a better speech-to-text program, but I'm too cheap. Ubiquitous voice programming, it seems, will have to wait for a universal ID system that includes your own personal voiceprint. What's interesting is that if you had a very recognizable word ('computer,' for example) that you reserved for starting authentication, and a unique marker (EG, a small radio transmitter) you could probably build a centralized system that did voice recognition much more effectively. SOoooooooo....... You want Star Trek, wait ten years and hope cloud computing catches up to what you want. Someone's working on it.
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Jun 26, 2010