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If the US ever tried to educate the Middle East that "we are NOT at war with Islam" - then Obama, and people who vote for him, would say we are meddling....
So proud of you and Robert and all your comrades. THANK YOU for being on the wall for us, for being in the trenches. You are a great leader. We keep stepping forward, one muddy boot in front of the other. Slow and steady wins the race.
Ahhhh, the taste of victory, the sweet smell of success. Me and my dog are lighting a cigar...
Great victory, congratulations to Pamela and her mighty legal team! This is a great achievement.
Wow, what a terrific video! That's an outstanding and fair report of what happened. JN1 news deserves credit, if all media was as fair we would all be better informed and better as a country. The coverage leaves the viewer with the obvious, that the Jewish Federation caved to pressure from CAIR (the Hamas propaganda arm) and other Sharia-appeasing groups. Pamela Geller has a right to be heard, but CAIR wants to silence her and they do it by marginalizing her. The counter protestors said, "Go to such and such website and you'll see what Geller stands for" - WOW, do we believe everything we read on a website that smears Geller? Wouldn't we be better off actually witnessing and hearing for ourselves what she has to say? I believe what I experience or witness, I don't believe what I read on a biased website. Again, I applaud JN1 news, their coverage of this travesty was fair and accurate. Can't wait to see Pamela Geller again, at a city near me. I will support her right to freedom of speech always. And like her, I will support people who I don't agree with to have their freedom of speech too.