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Ebbie Williams
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HAHA! That is terrific. Dearest Wil (or anyone of his loverly fans)... I am trying to buy audio versions of the books without luck. (your own/his own books not just read by him) Maybe I'm blind and it's right there but I exhausted the itunes, amazon and lulu, and have been reading blog entries over again etc without finding a functional link. Can you only buy them on Audible now? Thanks in advance for any help.
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Wonderful, yet again! Thank You Will! Your are funny and delightful and the show is outstanding, be proud!
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I live in Perth Western Australia, I'm SO pro any work that will get out to fans far a field. Apart from the personal and financial benefits tv/net/movie/writing work provides it also makes so many more people happy than a con can. Although I do understand, I'd no doubt be disappointed too if I missed out in this way. I'm so happy that your being so appreciated Will, your work is hilarious, thoughtful and very interesting.
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May 26, 2012