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Yesterday I went to buy my first Pokemon game. My son and I wanted the new Pokemon Black & White TCG decks. They were behind the counter and there was a bit of a line. While waiting in line we discussed what deck each would buy and which was better. I didn't talk like a father buying something his kid likes, I talked like a fellow player because that is what I was. Everyone that listened one knew I bought the Blue Assault because it was my favorite and that I bought it for myself. My son choose Green Tornado. We were both excited. When we were home, we played. He beat me but otherwise it was fun :-P
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I met Charlie Stross and Justina Robinson at Beneluxcon october 30th. There were about 40 people, so you really had the time to talk with them. Had some great conversations. I haven't sampled you fiction writing yet but at least personality-wise, you can sit write with them. Seeing your writing skills, I don't see a problem there either.
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I had my Ankh on a necklace because I was scared of having my ears pierced. I had it custom-made but the jeweller that did it apparently assumed that I didn't have a lot of money and also got the design slightly wrong.
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One day, I might have such stories about my great life. For now, I'll do with bits and pieces. And with other peoples' stories, cheering for them.
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Oct 4, 2010