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Dandelions can be a sign of unbalanced soils that have larger problems like poor biology and artificial nitrogen pulses. See this Youtube video about weeds from Elain Ingam. They're not bad in themselves but 90% of Americans are going to want to get rid of them. I try to teach people that soil health and proper mowing height will decrease dandelions. I know it's not what some want to hear but in the next five years we are not going to change the last 50 years of public perception. Question - Would it be better to get 1000 homeowners to switch to natural or organic lawn fertilizers, build healthy biological soils and reduce some fossil fuel use in the American landscaping industry, or convince 50 homes to leave the dandelions? I think that the idea of soil tests is great. But just to apply another formulation of fake fertilizers is not solving the overall problem. Compromise will get more action on the ground.
Toggle Commented Apr 19, 2011 on Pointlessly attacking dandelions at Garden Rant
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Apr 19, 2011