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If you can get the tech side of it down, it'd be awesome for you to record an episode of Radio Free Burrito before a Live Studio Audience (tm) at ECCC. Play a few cool songs, have some ad bumps etc. in-between what you're reading, etc. Best of all, the people (like me) who won't be able to be there can listen to it later.
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BTW the blog posts at the bottom of your author page have a lot of errors in them. Maybe typepad isn't interfacing well with Amazon?
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I agree that video games are an art form and should be considered as such for purposes of deciding what's appropriate or not, and free speech covers the rest, so Rockstar can do what they like. But that in no way mediates the simple truth that the main interaction with women in these games are as "ho's" and that beating them to get your money back has always been an acceptable part of the series. In any great work of art I would still find that objectionable if it was put out there without any commentary on how terrible it is. Slightly o.t., though related - have you seen this? wow. Reading SF and playing video games might not fry your brains, but listening to some of the people who create them might. And Niven! Wtf?
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