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John Whitehead
Boone, NC
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Env and Urban Econ is #10 in General. Worldwide Temperature Figure!
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To which I say "Fake News. Sad!"
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I've always been 30 minutes ahead of you.
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This is on the front page of today's NY Times: Global temperatures have continued to rise, making 2016 the hottest year on the historical record and the third consecutive record-breaking year, scientists say. Of the 17 hottest years ever recorded, 16 have now occurred since 2000. We're dreamers around here... Continue reading
Posted yesterday at Environmental Economics
Marc Hafstead and Yunguang Chen: The election of Donald Trump has cast significant uncertainty over the future of the Paris Agreement to combat global climate change, as the president-elect actively campaigned to pull the United States from the international accord. Under this agreement, which officially went into force in November... Continue reading
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I've used this list a number of times on this blog (most recently here with, I must say, a nice comment on the economics of the industry): Jeffrey Beall, the University of Colorado, Denver, librarian who has since 2008 chronicled “potential, possible, or probable” predatory publishers, has — at least... Continue reading
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To appreciate challenge of decarbonizing transport, see: 16 yrs since intro, hybrids are just 2% US auto sales - and falling from 2013 peak. — Teryn Norris (@TerynNorris) January 13, 2017 Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Environmental Economics
Here is a good summary of the NAS report from the Washington Post: How we view the costs of future climate change, and more importantly how we quantify them, may soon be changing. A much-anticipated new report, just released by the National Academy of Sciences, recommends major updates to a... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Environmental Economics
Justin Wolfers (Why most economists are so worried about Trump): If the November election was intended as a rejection of elites, of expertise and of the sort of technocratic advice that economists often give, it’s a punch that has landed. In somber analyses, huddled hallway conversations and pointed asides during... Continue reading
Posted 7 days ago at Environmental Economics
This is a lot of money: Volkswagen has agreed to a $4.3 billion draft settlement to end a legal fight with federal regulators over its diesel emissions scandal. The company said it would pay the fine and also plead guilty to criminal misconduct as part of a criminal and civil... Continue reading
Reblogged 7 days ago at Environmental Economics
From the Borowitz Report: As America’s bridges, roads, and other infrastructure dangerously deteriorate from decades of neglect, there is a mounting sense of urgency that it is time to build a giant wall. Across the U.S., whose rail system is a rickety antique plagued by deadly accidents, Americans are increasingly... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 11, 2017 at Environmental Economics
This isn't anything new, but I thought it was worth posting. Economists in the National Center for Environmental Economics, where I work may be able to participate in RFAs from other federal agencies. I am lucky to work with some VERY smart people and maybe you could, too. Researchers within... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2017 at Environmental Economics
John has posted a couple of times about replication in economics journal articles. Elsevier, who may be taking the lead in encouraging replication, is putting out a special issue on replication in Energy Economics: In this special issue, we will particularly welcome two types of papers, without excluding other forms... Continue reading
Posted Jan 11, 2017 at Environmental Economics
All regulations have zero benefits: Thursday morning, the House Freedom Caucus, the main group representing the far right of House Republicans, released an ambitious regulatory — or, really, deregulatory — agenda for the Trump administration to pursue. It consists of a detailed, agency-by-agency list of regulations, mostly imposed during President... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 10, 2017 at Environmental Economics
Congratulations to Dr. Casey Wichman who won the AERE Wallace E. Oates Outstanding Dissertation Award: Information and Environmental Policy. — AERE (@AereOrg) January 7, 2017 Continue reading
Posted Jan 9, 2017 at Environmental Economics
I'm taking this one seriously: President-Elect Mr. Donald Trump has tweeted that he will require all reviewers for all journals and grant agencies to end all reviews with the word “Sad!” Trump tweeted that all reviewers should be required to select the wording for their reviews from an approved list... Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 9, 2017 at Environmental Economics
Positive profits leads to firm entry: “There are now over one thousand predatory open-access publishers,” an increase of 232 over 2016, says Jeffrey Beall. via And their spam emails have surpassed 1 zillion! Continue reading
Reblogged Jan 9, 2017 at Environmental Economics
In the context of bee research: Dave Goulson, a biology professor at the University of Sussex, ... likened taking money from agrochemical companies to taking money from the tobacco industry, which long denied that cigarettes were addictive. ... “You can’t win,” Dr. Goulson added. “If you are funded by industry,... Continue reading
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From the inbox: On Sat, Dec 24, 2016 at 6:25 PM, [journal editor] wrote: Dear dr John Whitehead, We are mindful of the demands on your time, and in light of your considerable expertise in this field we would be pleased if you would consider reviewing for the journal,... Continue reading
Posted Dec 29, 2016 at Environmental Economics
Competition is good, right?
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From the AERE website: AERE is now supporting sessions at the Eastern Ecoomic Association Annual Meetings! The next meeting is Febuary 23-26, 2017 in New York, NY. Proposals for full sessions are still being accepted. Full details are in this pdf. The deadline is January 3rd, so hurry. Kudos to... Continue reading
Posted Dec 24, 2016 at Environmental Economics
Catherine Rampell: "Mulvaney has also questioned the need to preserve the country’s sterling reputation as a borrower. He ran for Congress promising to never raise the country’s debt ceiling, and he has mostly kept to that pledge. Since taking office in January 2011, he has voted against (ultimately successful) legislation to raise this ceiling four times. He also publicly questioned whether failing to raise the ceiling would be such a bad thing, and whether it would necessitate defaulting on our debt. To be clear: It would, and it would."
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Timothy B. Lee: It’s everyone’s least favorite part of the Christmas season: You’re expected to get a present for your brother-in-law, but you have no idea what he wants. Or conversely, your aunt gets you a sweater that you have zero interest in ever wearing. The result: People often get... Continue reading
Reblogged Dec 22, 2016 at Environmental Economics
I paid $60 for an ~8 foot tree at the choose and cut lot on Poplar Grove (Boone, NC): For the past several years, I’ve bought my Christmas tree from a stand around the corner from my apartment in Brooklyn. It was always the same, simple price: $10 per foot,... Continue reading
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Cutting edge? as in CVM circa 1998?
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2016 on Why I blog? at Environmental Economics
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