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John Whitehead
Boone, NC
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History tells us that the public will pay for the stadium: Las Vegas ABC station KTNV polled Clark County residents about whether or not they would want to pay $500 million in order to help build the Raiders an NFL stadium. Of the 750 people polled, 55 percent said they... Continue reading
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I recommend you follow the link below but here is an excerpt with only the analysis cut out: How much can climate change impact the economy? No matter who you are or what your thoughts are about the topic of climate change, whether very well reasoned or not, this is... Continue reading
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The learning curve for policy makers is steep (ignore market forces at your own risk): Automakers are unlikely to hit the 54.5 mile per gallon average fuel efficiency level that President Obama trumpeted for years, federal officials said Monday. Blaming it on higher-than-expected sales of large vehicles like SUVs, the... Continue reading
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Evolution is the big one, especially in the U.S. south.
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I was mostly thinking about the BLS and the unemployment rate :)
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flat earther a person who does not accept or is out of touch with the realities/ beliefs of modern times; one who blatantly dismisses/ disagrees with common knowledge or scientific findings. Joe doesn't even believe the planet is round, or that we landed on the moon... he's a flat earther.... Continue reading
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Bitter and twisted: After two decades of submitting papers to journals, and more than 10 years of serving on an editorial board or editing journals, geography researcher Kevin Ward knows a thing or two about peer review. ... In all, Ward — from the University of Manchester in the UK... Continue reading
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Because all of Canada is going to implement a national carbon price: Canada will implement a national policy to charge polluters for emitting carbon dioxide by the end of the year, a top government official said. Catherine McKenna, Canada’s environment minister, told Bloomberg TV Canada that the goal of the... Continue reading
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Michael Greenstone: We are on course to set another record for the hottest year, the third year in a row, and 2016 may well have the most billion dollar weather disasters. Adaptation to a changing climate looks both necessary and inevitable. Adaptation is most successful when we let markets identify... Continue reading
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Alan Krupnick: Mr. Trump’s acceptance speech last night contained few references to energy, but one had to do with bringing coal jobs back. His two themes for why jobs have been lost are costly environmental regulations and bad trade deals leading to foreign competition. Regulations do raise the cost to... Continue reading
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I skimmed the Republican Party Platform [PDF] to find out if it says anything about climate change. It kind of doesn't except for this line: We oppose any carbon tax. I'm reminded of Mankiw's essay on "the key role of conservatives in taxing carbon." It seems like it is going... Continue reading
Posted Jul 23, 2016 at Environmental Economics
... and I focus primarily on climate change: Hillary Clinton Hillary Rodham ClintonWATCH LIVE: Clinton speaks at Florida rally GOP Sen. Flake offers Trump rare praise Budowsky: Why Warren masters Trump MORE’s presidential campaign is stepping away from a plank in the Democratic platform endorsing a price for greenhouse gas... Continue reading
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"I don't feel comfortable forecasting beyond 300 days" And yet, there is an arrow.
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I just realized I've been reading @johnwhitehead81's Friday Beer Posts for years and we may have missed the chance to share an actual beer — Anthony Rogers (@anthonomics) July 14, 2016 With my family along the only beer I was able to have at the conference was a Brew Dog... Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2016 at Environmental Economics
Here are the daily page views at using Typepad data. The cubic trend line (the cubic fits best) and 300 day forecast is in orange (I don't feel comfortable forecasting beyond 300 days). Outliers have not been removed. Continue reading
Posted Jul 22, 2016 at Environmental Economics
Chris Blattman quoting Hsiang and Sekar: International trade of ivory was banned in 1989, with global elephant poaching data collected by field researchers since 2003. A one-time legal sale of ivory stocks in 2008 was designed as an experiment, but its global impact has not been evaluated. We find that... Continue reading
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I was sorry that I missed NABE's Big Data Conference in June. I bet it was a lot like this: At an April meetup organized by the National Association for Business Economics (NABE), a Facebook researcher named Michael Bailey showed his peers how somebody in Detroit might be willing to... Continue reading
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Quotes from a co-author: While it may be beautiful in a home aquarium, the aggressive and fast-reproducing lionfish is wreaking havoc in the ocean ecosystem and endangering reef habitats. But there might be a way to keep the lionfish in check: by eating it. Researchers and restaurateurs in Northwest Florida... Continue reading
Reblogged Jul 19, 2016 at Environmental Economics looks very useful, especially for your students: Vizala aims to be the internet's most useful database for country, demographic, social, and economic information. Instead of just providing answers, our robust analytics allow for in-depth analysis and provide a complete picture of your topic of interest. Vizala only uses data... Continue reading
Posted Jul 18, 2016 at Environmental Economics
And you thought your hypothetical referendum was consequential: SunTrust Park, the Braves’ fancy new suburban stadium, came at a cost of nearly $400 million to Cobb County taxpayers. It doesn’t open until next year, but that bill is already coming due—and the opportunity cost is no longer theoretical. In 2008,... Continue reading
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Jared Bernstein: Broadly speaking, two things matter when it comes to the tax system: First, as just noted, the system needs to raise enough revenues to cover the fiscal obligations and economic challenges we face. Second, our tax system should reduce, not exacerbate, market-driven inequality. Those with the highest incomes... Continue reading
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Sathya Gopalakrishnan, Craig E. Landry, Martin D. Smith, and John C. Whitehead: Abstract. This paper provides a review and synthesis of geoeconomic models that are used to analyze coastal erosion management and shoreline change. We outline a generic framework for analyzing risk-mitigating and/or recreation-enhancing policy interventions within a dynamic framework,... Continue reading
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