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John Whitehead
Boone, NC
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I'm guessing under satirical or faked data.
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Make sure you check out the Proceedings of the National Institute of Science.
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Retraction Watch: There’s a new journal in town. Inference’s first issue includes a lengthy review of a laboratory by a tennis instructor, a set of caricatures, and an exchange of emails from 1996 that is “perhaps, less remarkable for what it says than for the fact that it took place... Continue reading
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Mark Thoma: There's a version of this in econometrics, i.e. you know the model is correct, you are just having trouble finding evidence for it. It goes as follows. You are testing a theory you came up with, but the data are uncooperative and say you are wrong. But instead... Continue reading
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Here is the author's note: The authors thank Appalachian State University for funding and Todd Cherry, Tim Haab, Matt Interis, two journal referees, and Yoram Bauman for many helpful comments. While funding from a major oil company has not been received by the authors, on this or any past project, readers still should not take this article too seriously. While the empirical results could be developed into a reasonably serious paper, the authors could only be motivated to write it for yucks and grins. After comments from reviewers such as “I don't think this is humorous” and “I didn't laugh or would I expect others to,” we have reconsidered our informal description of this as a “funny paper.” In defense of our initial stance, however, we did survey some colleagues and got a strange look or two.
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From the Miscellany Section of Economic Inquiry: We collect contingent valuation data from 524 student survey respondents over a 3-day, 72-hour period. Data analysis of a hypothetical campus referendum focuses on time-of-day effects on willingness to pay for a renewable energy project. We find that subjects responding to the survey... Continue reading
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The New York Times sure is making blogging difficult. Highlighting text and hitting the Typepad "Blog It" button doesn't work (in Chrome) or sends me to another NYTimes story (in Firefox) [or vice versa]. Yet, I persevere (save the webpage to desktop, printscreen for images, etc) when it is worth... Continue reading
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Just so no one (i.e., me) ever forgets, I was once an associate editor at the Journal of Environmental Management. Here is the proof: I served four years, the first year as a tryout and then a regular three year term. At the end of the fourth year (2013) I... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2014 at Environmental Economics
This is the least funny part of the show (but maybe the most important): The next minute he's pitching you his idea about environmental tax reform. In addition to being a comedian and an economist, Bauman has committed his life to "using the tools of economics and the power of... Continue reading
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I'm probably coming in late on this one (since the paper first came out in 2009!), but I recently read this paper from Phil Graves. I got the chance to ask a few questions about it online and was intrigued by the consequences. I'm curious to see what other people... Continue reading
Posted Oct 14, 2014 at Environmental Economics
This has just been published in the journal Economics and Business Letters: Special Issue on Cultural Industries: Criterion and predictive validity of revealed and stated preference data: the case of “Mountain Home Music” concert demand John C. Whitehead, Douglas Simpson Noonan, Elizabeth Marquardt Abstract Despite a robust literature on nonmarket... Continue reading
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The Breakfast Club? I thought you were there to fill the John Bender role. Update: Pardon me, the title didn't fully register when I wrote this comment.
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Retraction Watch: When science writer Vito Tartamella noticed a physics paper co-authored by Stronzo Bestiale (which means “total asshole” in Italian) he did what anyone who’s written a book on surnames would do: He looked it up in the phonebook. What he found was a lot more complicated than a... Continue reading
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See my addendum above.
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Matt Interis: Environmental valuation is the branch of environmental economics in which researchers estimate the economic value of environmental goods and services. Environmental valuation has been practiced for decades. However, there are some ideas in the field of environmental valuation held by many environmental economists and nonenvironmental economists that appear... Continue reading
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The SEA meetings are just around the corner. I just sent this email: AERE/SEA session participants, By now you have probably received one or more emails from the SEA explaining your duties. I apologize that I have not made this clear earlier but the AERE sessions at the SEA meetings... Continue reading
Posted Oct 7, 2014 at Environmental Economics
I just previewed Stated Preference Methods Using R by Aizaki, Nakatani and Sato.The A-P Sounds data that Tim, Ju-Chin Huang and myself used to get to know each other better is provided with the book and used as an example. Here is the double bounded Turnbull: Here is the endorsement... Continue reading
Posted Oct 6, 2014 at Environmental Economics
Posted Oct 3, 2014 at Environmental Economics
Tyler Cowen: I am predicting William J. Baumol, possibly with William G. Bowen, for work on the cost-disease. As you probably know, this hypothesis suggested that the costs of education and health care would continue to rise in relative terms, thereby creating significant economic problems. Not a bad prediction for... Continue reading
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It looks like our working papers page is totally messed up. Here is the link:
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Tyler Cowen: 1. Popular music: The Everly Brothers, I recommend this song. There is also Loretta Lynn and Dwight Yoakum and Merle Travis, I like this video. In jazz there is Lionel Hampton. 2. Visual artist: Edgar Tolson, that image is not fully safe for work. John James Audobon worked... Continue reading
Reblogged Oct 3, 2014 at Environmental Economics Predictive Validity of Stated Preference Data: Evidence from Mountain Bike Park Visits Before and After Trail System Expansion Kevin Atkinson and John C. Whitehead ( No 14-09, Working Papers from Department of Economics, Appalachian State University Abstract: This paper investigates the validity of stated preference data for use in... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at Environmental Economics
From Booklist: Arguably, our adherence to the free-market model of economics has been among the major factors that have contributed to environmental deterioration. This is because environmental benefits are treated as public goods and are hence underpriced and undervalued. This work introduces readers to some of the factors that have... Continue reading
Posted Oct 2, 2014 at Environmental Economics
The Chronicle has an article today on the lack of humor in scholarly journals: Stephen Heard once wrote a paper about how pollen spreads among the flowers of a certain endangered plant. In it he speculated that the wind might play a role by shaking loose the pollen. To support... Continue reading
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