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There are 2 critical points to this that must be enforced no matter what is decided/done/implemented to resolve this question. 1) CHOICE MUST REMAIN - Choice bythe useras to which routeto take must remain. The choice to either continue using multiple distinct ID's/accounts or to use some single account like Open ID. 2) DECOUPLED PROFILES Between On line and Real World - The ability to seperate your on line identoty(s) from your real world ID (i.e. seperating your website logins from your drivers licens and credit cards) must remain an option. If some users want to cinnect the 2 so they are one thats fine but IT MUST be a choice. The fastest way to tyranny by an ever aggresive and power hungry government is to make iot easier for them to associate your online activities with your real world ones and to control both thru licensing and restriction of said licensing. The author may have used the term License to mean an associating of an ID an not an authorization to do something but you can bet your bottom dollar that a power hungry politician would love nothing more then to control your access to and what you can do on line.
Toggle Commented Dec 9, 2010 on Your Internet Driver's License at Coding Horror
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Dec 9, 2010