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If Miami has shown interest in Amare, I can't see the deal not going to the Heat. Riley has dealt with Phoenix before, and he has the most to offer in expiring contracts and picks.
BTW, I don't believe that contracts necessarily relates to talent (i.e. JO, T-Mac, Simien, etc.). I'm speaking value in free agency.
This is the fake KB. Damn. I was about to ask what your problem was..
"You don't need two max players. You don't *need* anything. There's no formula for a championship. The most talented team, or at least the team with the best top 2 or 3, almost always wins." You are constantly saying this is a stars' league. There may not be a formula (which I already stated in response to KB), but Wade + $8-10 mm player won't get it done. We need Wade + $13 mm-max player to get it done... no?
"He offered him the MLE, dude. Unless you consider Trevor Ariza a star, the MLE is not the mark of a star signing." Mo Williams was a star. He was a 17 and 6 point guard. We had nothing but the MLE. Odom is a star, we offered him the MLE.
"What? Stop inventing sh@t, we offered him the MLE." Adam, why are you always trying to battle every one of my posts? You 'LOL' before almost every response? Seriously. Mo Williams was a star. We did only have the MLE, but it was a lucrative contract that we offered him... much like Lamar Odom last offseason. What was it $52 mm or something?
"Teams like that don't throw around max contracts, even if the player is worth it. They might end up giving it to him, but it's definitely not a given. Right before this season, IIRC, their high offer to him was 5 years, $60 million for an extension." You may be right, but they have made a slight jump from last year. With Boston aging and Orlando in Vincanity, They are a borderline 2 seed. They could/should make the ECF this year.
"LOL, what was Mo Williams before he came to Clev and played on the same team with Lebron? Certainly not a star." He was a star. Maybe not an All-Star, but enough of a star to get Riley to offer him a lucrative contract. He was putting up better numbers in Milwaukee than in Cleveland.
KB, I agree that there is no set formula to win a title, but to build a team in contention for 5-7 years, you need more than one great player and a bunch of good players. LeBron 'could' win a title one year with his team as constructed, but I don't think that team would be anything more than a perennial pretender (i.e. Dallas, Denver, Orlando, etc.).
"Lebron has never even played with another star on his team before." What is Mo Williams? You may not need a 'max contract', but the second player better be pretty damn close to that level of talent if you want to win a title. Unless you have a legendary big man (Hakeem, Shaq, Duncan), I don't see it happening.
If the Hawks don't offer Joe Johnson a max contract, the city would burn the arena to the ground. That fan base is small enough. It would kill pro basketball in Atlanta.
"It doesnt take max talent when you have a guy like that on your team." I think LeBron has proven that it does.
"Felton / Chalmers Wade / Johnson Joe Johnson / Beasley / Haywood / plus minimum signings. I think that's closer to a contender." We just disagree. I think Wade-Iguodala-Amare with Dalembert, Haslem, Alston and Wright rounding out the roster blows the doors off of the above team. And, I think Wade is more likely to leave Miami than Joe Johnson is to leave Atlanta. His team is borderline elite, he's the number 1 option, and he is playing his natural position. I can't see him coming here to be a sidekick and play out of position. And, that's not even looking at the contract he'd be turning down.
"Dude, how do you define "wasting"? Is every season that doesn't end in a championship a wasted season?" No. Not being in contention, not being considered MVP caliber, not being considered on the same level as your peers... that somewhat constitutes a wasted season. Wade has this team at .500. Look at the roster. Imagine what he could do with just Monta Ellis on his team? Or Iguodala? I mean, as you just pointed out, the roster for the last two years has been unacceptable when you have a player of Wade's talent. Diawara? Jones? Quinn? Anthony?
"There's no situation for him better than what Miami could provide, even if we don't land our first, second, or third choice in 2010 free agency" I don't know if that's true. Toronto looks good. Bosh may not leave. It is a possibility. Remember, he's not as marketable as Wade and LeBron. That extra money Toronto can offer him might be tough to leave on the table for a player like Bosh. LeBron is likely to stay in Cleveland, especially if they land another star. Would anything else make this team a contender?
"Learn to be patient." 1989. I waited 14 years for a player like Dwyane Wade to come to my team. Sorry if I'm not thrilled about wasting my once in a lifetime player's prime for a second straight season.
"We should have traded Marion and Haslem for Gerald Wallace and Emeka Okafor last year, the minute we drafted Beasley, and we should have rolled with a Wade-Wallace-Beasley-Okafor core. Move Blount's expiring, 2 firsts, and Chalmers this season for Monta Ellis, and boom -- you're in business." ::wiping Trade Machine with diaper:: Want to take 'er for a spin, son?
Truthfully, Beasley has more potential than any player in his draft class. If we could keep him on this team and add talent for nothing, I'd be all for it. Here's the problem, Wade expires. Chicago could move Hinrich to the Lakers for expirings, clearing enough space to sign 2 free agents. The Cavs could still add a big name via trade. There's being patient and being stupid. After two years of wasting my prime and playing alongside Quinn, Arroyo, Anthony, Wright, Ricky Davis, JO, etc., I'd be a little more willing to explore my options. And, if this happened after I hand-delivered you a championship with a Finals MVP performance? I'd really consider the possibility.
"The Bulls are better than the Heat because they actually have talent." Fixed.
"To be fair, he also claims Kevin Love was a better fit for the Heat than Beasley." Never said this.
"Eddie don't make me remind everyone here how you thought (and perhaps still think) Chalmers will be a great player" Didn't you just do that? I stand by what I say. People have laughed at me before for my bold claims.
"Strangely enough, they're led by a 2nd year guy who Bulls management had the good sense to give major minutes to in his rookie season, even though the guy whose job he took was a better player. Now, they're reaping the benefits of that move as Rose is blossoming into a star. Mindblowing concept." Fair statement. But, it's a much different situation over there in Chicago. They actually have talent. Deng, Hinrich, Noah, Thomas, Salmons, etc. After Wade, what is really on this team? We need to add some talent to this ball club. It's been two years of Joel Anthony, Dorell Wright and co.
"Why do you think that is?" Process of elimination. He would have to suck pretty bad to be less valuable than Wright, Cook, O'Neal, Anthony, Richardson, Arroyo, etc.
"Apparently being anti Beasley doesn't mean wins." We're both Heat fans. I'm not really anti-Beasley. I'm more anti-2010. I want to surround Wade with players who can help him win now. Beasley is the most valuable trade chip we have. I'm tired of watching this team linger around .500.
Stepping away from the ongoing Haslem-Beasley civil war on this blog, is there anybody else as sick of JO as I am? That guy has got to be the most frustrating player to watch ever.